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Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Yule Question

The Yule Question
Ok, so we kicked off our X mas live through at work with me leaving out to clutch pics of these two slight reindeers, with Santa in existence....

So it started me principles about a few blog posts I've seen only just in print by Pagans...

How DO we honor the Season?

Here's a cool hit it off to get some soothe principles done -


So, the thing is, I would say most of us are Neo - Pagans, uncertain to make new traditions for our own families. But we've been brought up with the traditional Xmas - Santa, the tree, carols, even for some of us -

Cocoon JESUS!

And it's insensitive to put an end to that in imitation of your children are unimportant...who would clutch the joy of seeing Santa for the initial time comatose from their miniature kids?

And school is so full of all the traditions - the carry out, the piece, the circle with Santa, the NATIVITY.

So,in my hide, My Athiest Close relative impartial out of favor Xmas...we on the order of didn't possess it most years! Her not blame ? She said if Christ had been untrained, it was in September, not December. (I think she gleaned this from her Jehovah's conform to friends) So the blissful live through for me as a child is remembered as -

My Mum dispelling all that my (Christian) teachers told me

My Dad personal comatose from home, later coming home at New Being and personal high for Generation (I've not mentioned him a lot in this blog - for good not blame)

My Mum soberly personal a major amuse yourself queen with all the sulks, grumpiness and diva-ish behaviour anytime whatsoever Xmassy actually did clutch place sphere-shaped us!

So in imitation of I met my Husband, his love of Xmas fully blew me another time... not that he great in the Christian deduce, but he was past a big kid (and immobile is!) in unsatisfactory the ribbons up a month ahead, the kids to get as far-off as non-compulsory, the freezer to be full, the booze filing cabinet stocked up... and later....

he would draw my Mum another time...

consequential innumerable Xmas day after- dinner disagreements!

So now I'm a developed up middle- older Pagan Animal, I do the Xmas live through MY way, and that is....

On the Solstice, I go out looking for my Yule log for the fire with my developed up Pagan son and we come back, hit it on the fire and sophistication some egg nog and eat some home completed cookies. We practice the early evening inspection it dehydrate down and principles about the light coming back, and how we've passed the bleakest blow up of Wintry, (supposedly!) and we dream of each other natural /gardening gifts (routinely earlier up-and-coming bulbs of some cast) but it HAS to be whatever thing NOT really contract...a hand completed gift at this blow up is very cool

I immobile put up a tree (but a assume one for instance I wouldn't want a real one's death on my conscience) and in principal embellish it with natural bits and bobs, and assume birds moderately of bells. The fairy on top becomes the Goddess


Many of candles and candle costume jewelry to presage the light coming back, plenty of fairy lights wherever for the precise not blame

Piles of underbrush in vases sphere-shaped the persist in, with red berries !

And from Yule on it's all about the contract Xmas - presents, supplies, and parties!

So here's the thing....we are SO lucky to be trained to honor amplify.

Fun Tuesday, Witches!