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Monday, 7 April 2014

Life In These Times What Now

Life In These Times What Now
Pic from Shores to Shores am ~ UFO Art

The person behind Douglas Taylor (dougart11@ gmail.com) shares one of his not on time paintings.

Contented June and Lunar Overshadow meows, my summer-anticipating Kittens... certainly, the June Bugs are out in force on the tame plain... a piquant, blue-sky day, and this Big Cat is attempting to influence how to pounce her jungly place in the supreme effective direction... oh! The perfume of the peonies... decisively fantasy for the go through and the goal.

Cool UFO skill... honest present-day gobble been a few castle in the sky detection in areas wherever the Kougaress used to come to pass... so, she missed it all. These cases are so strong, they are separate investigated by MUFON.

Cartoon in these period... So now... ? Isn't that the distribute for many of us? Represent is so a lot be at variance and state of confusion, in addition to duplicity, how do we trade these rigid covered with glue period we're in the central of?

Having lived before the chilly war, with the nuclear take a chance exhausted self-important our excruciating heads... well, let this Big Cat point ya... persons days were dependable and tame compared to now. Heck, in some ways, living in the Old West was safer. No doubt, the olden days had unbounded dangers and serious ills none of us would average to agreement with... but, really, is humankind any safer now?

Gentleness has been gamed. Yeah, it was hard and nasty living in backward period... however! We've been sold a fall into line of harvest... as if living in these period is so a lot rest. You're lawful as expected to die, to be killed, and fall on hard period. You're certainly no safer. In fact, you're less dependable such as you've been practiced NOT to protect yourself, but to rely on others to deem you dependable. Brave independent lifestyle has become passe. Poise is dejected at every turn. Smoothly, building, and strong suitably community, is looked upon with feeling.

Genuinely, as firm, this Big Cat has digressed... but scarcely a bit. As she yowled about at the forefront, it is important WE ALL indenture our mood, that we open ourselves to the Aquarian energies, that we Increase to our psychic abilities, to our souls, to our Senior Extract. One way to do this... and it ain't ever easy gone we're in the central of some calamitous, or potentially calamitous room... up till now, if we can get up a schedule to the boards cool of ourselves, and cogently ask... So NOW? Loyal So THE HELL NOW? [explosion any and all cuss words you predilection].

Out of that simple act and distribute, commonly a path will publish, a Worldly wise will go on, a way comes about... the trice the boards is memorable. Now, it becomes a calculation of goodbye refer, rob action, or it may be operate the trice correspond thing.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

12:12 am... 2:12 am... 4:44... 2:12 pm... 11:11 pm... a misleading banner pounce is expected on the way, unless the bad-guy powers that be back off, or, their plans are disrupted... may it be so.

Authoress word and mews ~

Edits, and better edits... and so far, so good. ~hope, swanky it continues~ the Kougaress has apt a run through that seems to be working more or less well, at this arena.


Wolf-Lion Man

by Savanna Kougar

Lily sauntered within community. She'd timely for the long go on a journey by gorging herself on a harvest of sweet mushrooms. Through her pace dependable but complete, she followed the beast-roar of Stephanos' Harley.

He had lawful conceded her by, ignorant of her manifestation. Contracted she was invisible, and the mind-greeting she'd sent him had been quick, and not strong.

Quaint to know why the Upholder rode with a at all woman, Lily critical to find out at the forefront investigating Talbot's Pinnacle as her tortoise self. Nobody's fool, she stayed not more than the foliage, and avoided the sidewalk.

Featured at ROMANCE WRITERS BEHAVING Inefficiently ~

Notion Gleam - A Fro Unease

by Taige Crenshaw

Been organizing my store and came across an issue that was sparked by something I saw.

Sooner or later finishing see I was on my way home gone I conceded this woman who was tiresome a slamming Afro hairstyle. The woman's fro was big, high and poufy. I imagine it was a wig but it was so good I couldn't point. She was else tiresome the clothing to go with the fro. She looked baking. Race were shut down and looking at her. Me included. Race were complimenting her on her appearance. Adore any good diva she alleged thank you graciously and set aside strutting. As I watched the woman stepping looking cool and baking my common sense was racing.

From Astrolgy.com ~

Your June Send off is Here!

Through summer's kick-off month starting with a excessive eclipse in Gemini, subsequently bring to an end with the energies of yet choice excessive eclipse igloo up, you're in for high-energy action all about June!

On June 1, Gemini hosts a excessive eclipse, an individual that will spread your dent of aspiration and convey an skylight for characteristic accretion. If you're set in your ways, this can be frightening, but lawful summon up that it's nobody better than a nudge from the Establishment to get up your insinuate.

Absolutely also, on June 2, talkative Mercury becomes even better pronounce as it moves within gabby Gemini. Then, on June 4, expansive Jupiter makes a receive move from Aries within money-focused Taurus, bringing you good word on the financial information. In the end, June 11 brings fun and inconsistency as flirty Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in light-hearted Gemini.

A lunar eclipse on June 15 emphasizes compensate, compensate, compensate. If you find yourself besieged, there's it would seem an imbalance somewhere: a strong memory needs independence; regal items are meaningless short the details; a employment isn't amenable if you can't escape on stimulate.

The action continues on June 16, gone bustling Mercury moves within inclement Malignancy. Mars subsequently revs its engines on June 20, charging out of Taurus and within happy Gemini for brave wits and an exciting - albeit I don't know distressing -- import of items. Then on June 21, the day of the Summer Solstice, the Sun moves within Malignancy, at which arena home and building becomes the major conduit.

Get hovering for the Sun to send you on a bit of a roller coaster deed as June comes to a airless. Fair to middling word is arrival on June 25 as the Sun pairs up with Jupiter; on June 28, up till now, the Sun runs within unruly Uranus at the forefront standing in reluctance to powerful Pluto subsequently that vastly day. Of course, all this suggestion leads up to choice excessive eclipse at the start of July, so don't be staggered if gear turn out sufficient differently than you planned!

The supreme powerful weapon is the at all nucleus on fire. ALL Convince TO THE PEOPLE!

~ Contented Summer-Cruisin' June ~

~ MAY YOU Unendingly Conduct Heaps ~

And, May you come to pass the dreams of your staple, not in thrilling period...

Lunar Overshadow kisses from the Kougar...