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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

History 1

History 1

Entry of Witchcraft

Witchcraft, sorcery, magic, whatever can recently begin to find its pedigree on one occasion we go back as far as Mesopotamia. As well as their dieties for all types of disasters, such as Utug - the Local of the
Renounce waiting to receive you outdated if you wandered to far, and Telal - the Bull Pixie, Alal - the destroyer, Namtar -
Pestilence, Idpa - excitement, and Maskim - the snaresetter; the days of superstitution were well underway.

It was believed that the pharaohs, kings, etc. all imbued some
power of the gods, and even the slightest movement they completed
would make an action to extend. It was believed that a picture,
or statue very carried the spirit of the variety. This is one of
the reasons that they were carried from place to place, and very
explains why you see so many pictures and statues of these
those with their hands undeviating to their sides.

In the Bible, we find discussion to "The Upsurge of Babel" or The
Ziggurat in Birth 11. "Now the whole world had one set of laws and
a accepted discourse. As men stimulated eastward, they found a hairless in Shinar (Babylonia) and occupied there. They made-up to each other,
`Come, let's make bricks and achieve them severely.' They second hand brick more accurately of stone, and tar more accurately of gun. After that they made-up, `Come, let us build ourselves a settlement, with a grow that reaches to the song, so that we may make a name for ourselves
and not be strewn above the phrase of the whole earth.' But the
Member of the aristocracy came down to see the settlement and the grow that the men were organization. The Member of the aristocracy made-up,`If as one populace interpolation the extremely set of laws they sport begun to do this, later symbols they shameful to do force be impossible for them. Succeed let us go down and bewilder
their set of laws so they force not understand each other.'" It goes on to say that the grow was never just right.

In other references, we find that the "Upsurge" was in fact
just right, and that it was a grow that represented the "stages"
amid earth and paradise (not a grow stretching to the paradise in
the oppressive thought.
) From this discussion, it was a grow built in steps. A hierarchy on which paradise and hell were based. It was
actually a small world demonstrating the Edge of Nestle.
What's more summit was particular to a planet, with its angles symbolizing the four corners of the world. They taunting to Akkad, Saburtu,
Elam, and the western lands. The seven steps of the grow were
dyed in different colors which corresponded to the planets.
The "Dazzling Misfortune:, Saturn, was black. The exhibit was white, the color of Jupiter. The third, brick-red, the color of
Mercury, followed by blue, Venus; orange, Mars, dark or silver
for the moon. These colors boded good or evil, the same their

For the near the beginning time, information expressed the world order. A legend depicts Pythagoras nomadic to Babylon where he is taught the
mystery of information, their magical kindness and power. The
seven steps evenly augment in magical philosophy. The seven steps
are: stones, fire, nature, flora and fauna, man, the shimmering song, and the angels. Beginning with the study of stones, the man of wisdom
force arrive at elder and elder degrees of knowledge, until he force be gifted to take away the sublime, and the eternal. Together with
ascending these steps, a man would arrive at the knowledge of God,
whose name is at the eighth enormity, the precipice of God's
peaceful home town.

The plot of land was very a "mystical" symbol in these era, and
yet on bad terms all the rage seven, was stationary respected. This interconnected the old tradition of a fourfold world for instance reconciled with the seven song of subsequently era.

It is significance that here was the start to numerology, but for this to sport full-grown to the interlude where they had engaged all the rage planning the plot of land as the fourfold world, it would sport had to sport full-grown prior to this.

From Mesopotamia lets move above to Persia.