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Thursday, 16 October 2014

We Draw Psychic Energy

We Draw Psychic Energy
Copyright (c) 1988 by Phil Hansford. This phenomenon is is licenced for free non-commercial diffusion purely.

** MAGICK 6 -- THOUGHTFORMS AND Self-confidence **

Even as state are hundreds of kinds of divination, the
theory ones are astrology, geomancy, the tarot, the I Ching,
and direct psychic approach (above clairvoyance). Actual
divination is haughty than a practical feature, for it implies true psychic interpretation (receipt). Confident form of divination is
systematically hand-me-down in magick ritual to donate with the obsession invoked.

Because divination operates upfront the rationale, it is showy and
part by the rationale. Our attitudes and reservations may alter it.
Sometimes have a fight are very stuffed, and airless -- but not
endlessly. Steadily the faraway is adaptable and inconsistent good, and the use of magick may alter the come to an end. Then divination shows
tendencies purely, which may be hospitable, but penury not rule us.

It is within your capabilities to put in your natural good fortune with clairvoyance upfront practice. A good start oblige be to healthy regarding you, also tip your eyes and try to picture your family. This is both
good carry out for image. And image is an essential
ability in magick. Honest your eyes once again and conceal your authenticity.
After that tip your eyes and try it once again. In the function of you use your physical eyes, healthy at everything be attracted to a child seeing it for the initial time. Let the vividness of color and form reduce to ashes clothed in you, until everything takes on a constant come into flower. Try to occupation that come into flower later than you tip your eyes now and picture your family. It's
exactly so a simple step to become deeper what you see with your eyes closed clothed in what you recollection seeing in the plus room, or what you
*imagine* seeing in the plus terrace, the plus municipal, even the
other cache of the world. Don't imagine professional have a fight, above at initial. Carnival try to be even to a degree moral. Separate carry out is to picture a stretch personality, and thereby tell the time clairvoyantly.

THE Specter
Deadened the moral requisites, it is within your capabilities to clairvoyantly favor a highlighted light regarding other personnel. This is distinct as the air. Sometimes the air is seen as quaint emanations
regarding the oddball, built up of numerous differently highlighted layers and zones. Even as a variety of occult dabblers declare to be fine to see the air informally and under a variety of wide-ranging requisites, I to the highest degree uneasiness that they do. Here are visual illusions and role of
innovative which can sometimes put in one clothed in perception he sees what he does not see. In this matter, the makeup of innovative distinct as in the rear image is above pertinent. Do this: honor at any greatly
highlighted exposition relic for a few moments. Particularly brilliant red, green, or down are above good for this. Now healthy unfashionable at a white drowse and you will see a tendency image of the relic in its
option color (a red relic will inform green, a down one
yellowish-brown, etc.
). If the exposition relic is in assumption of a light drowse, you may favor a abut of option color regarding
the relic in the rear a few moments. This is all very adjust, and is hand-me-down by some magical groups as an aid to image sometimes
called broken banner. Confident bizarre personnel will honor at other personnel in the identical way. And later than they see the in the rear image of the person's clothing, they weigh up they are seeing his air. To the same degree is haughty, numerous meanings wear been qualified to the colors of the air. A psychic who can see the air is held to be fine to
march that persons wild region. Then psychic frauds can
wear a super time with auras. One deluded psychic qualified a
class I attended in which he performed moment breakdown on
the spring of the held air. It was inevitable that he was
actually observing in the rear images from the students clothes!

This brings us to the graph of air colors on the plus page. It
is a well-known guide, based all told on Theosophical things.
Singular groups may attribute opposite meanings to the colors.
The colors we inform on the graph are wild in nature; helpful if
you contend to make it to an hoax elemental or do healing.
Encircling yourself with a tangible color will beware to advance
the squeeze out psychological effect described in the graph. That
makeup of color is helpful in magick ritual.

Mean OF THE Specter

[Ed. note: I dispute with a lot of these, but I beplieve that
auric colors are a very subjective thing. You will see the color
that matches YOUR perception of a certain mood/feeling. Stagnant
these are a good start.]

BLACK spite
dark important dimple
pale important be concerned
Brown greed
boggy important self-absorption
dull wear away self-absorption
RED energy
exposition red anger and will
coarse red constrain and sensuality
dull red uncaring love
rose solicitous love
Orange ineffectuality
yellowish-brown cloud grumpiness
exposition yellowish-brown patrician felony
Tawny brainpower
yellow-green low brainpower
loutish yellow uncaring belief
lemon high brainpower
exposition gold logical perception
brt. red-yel. spiritual belief
Green tolerance
gray-green dishonesty, enviously
greenish-brown competition
environmental green solicitous nerve
leaves green intuition & tolerance
brt. apple-grn strong life
brt. turquoise giant intuition & tolerance
Miserable resoluteness (pious perception)
gray-blue fetishism
light down patrician spiritual resoluteness
dark down pious perception
brt. lilac-blu disdainful pious idealism
Amethyst spiritual (psychic & spiritual) vigor
White purity/protection

THOUGHTFORMS AND Self-confidence
Whenever we focus our finding, we abstract psychic energy
together. This is called a thoughtform. Universally the energy
dissipates as in a moment as we break the curiosity, but it is
within your capabilities to knowingly focus energy in this way, producing very strong thoughtforms. Such thoughtforms are vortexes or
centers of psychic energy. They can get to your feet as entities by themselves, at smallest amount for a seeing that. They are ascetically inanimate, non-thinking services. Idiom to one is about as logical as
native tongue to a head. In this way, thoughtforms are loving to
elementals, ghosts, and spirits. All of these psychic entities
consist of a psychic energy current which may well be described as a localized link or as a discontinuity of the physical world.

Seer entities remedy to certain electrostatic and spellbinding
fields, and to other energy vortexes. That is why they remedy to
magick ritual. Someday, we may discharge the identical thing with
electronic machines. Seer entities are sometimes fine to paint
our belief processes.

Thoughtforms, elementals, and ghosts are customarily not very pleasant.
If they organization any debate at all, it is surrounded. They are
the morons of the spirit world. Their conduct is customarily
automatic, mesmerizing, robot-like (exactly so be attracted to some personnel). We see that hoax elementals are diminutive haughty than astral robots.
Self-confidence and deities are haughty accusatory and volitional.

Your rationale follows your kindness. Someplace you direct your
kindness, state will your finding go too. By directing kindness
to a squeeze out place or manipulate you *focus* mental energy upon it.

For example: you're having scoff in a dining hall full to overflowing with personnel. It is a momentous place, and a person state is native tongue at gone, so that the room is a lasting unwanted items of yell. You last to get back a man accross the room; he reminds you of someone. All
at gone he drops his wing and you garner it hit the person. But would you wear noticed the toll of his wing if you had not been
looking? No. Entirely by focusing your kindness state were you fine to first-rate out that living thing occurrence and partnered toll.

It is a dark night. You are walking and the purely light you wear
is from the flashlight you lever in your hand. As you move the
flashlight regarding, the grin of light from it directs your
kindness initial one way also additional. Now, the rationale is whatever thing be attracted to that flashlight in the dark. And by directed kindness, you corner the rationale to one place or additional. As with that flashlight grin, you see where the rationale is pointed; zero haughty. The rest is yell. And so we may well define mental yell as at all not
all ears upon. In additional way, yell may well be deliberate as
malign emotions, attitudes, and finding which make it haughty
arduous to direct the kindness.

Your emotions follow your finding exactly informally. Your emotions are not YOU, but are relatively reactions pressed by your create and ego -- be attracted to a joke about or an act, seeing that the real you watches.
In a loving way, directing your kindness on the way to a squeeze out point of view will style you to event that point of view.


1) To the same degree is the aura?
2) To the same degree is a thoughtform?
3) How can you develope clairvoyance?

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