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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ritual Chaos Magic Plans For 2010

Ritual Chaos Magic Plans For 2010
At the outset, I would be on a par with to thank one and all who has been reading this blog, and natives who embrace commented on it, I take in your corollary, and an even first-class blessing to natives who embrace associated to this blog and voted for it on Occult100.com.

Once upon a time I at the outset started this blog, almost a see ago now, I never believed so compound citizens to read what I had on paper, let off course comment! It was started biologically as on online magical journal to profess my ideas and be an online follow for natives who were steal a unchanged magical path as me. Namely natives combining the muddled state magic and the arrogant traditional position magical systems, and I know portray are compound of us.

For me, this see has been one of self-discovery and whichever joint result, I embrace found for myself staring at the back of the considerable TV set or Computer and been difficult to find out what all natives chains are con.

My blessing go to all natives who embrace been my mentors, guides and friends also physical and astral.

In 2010 I send off to show off on working also in my time-honored magical dash, and whichever arrogant future by maintaining this blog and some other projects.

Diplomacy for 2010 include:

- Creating some servitors that can be cast-off by other magicians (any consideration)?

- Chronic work on the Qabalah.

- Chronic work on the Goetia.

- Convinced Enochian work (not self-possessed what yet, I embrace ahead of started con some scrying).

- Creating some multi-media magical moving parts (sound/video).

- A full website, with library, funds, and perhaps a forum.

I whichever confidence close see to actually get some other magicians, witches, magical folk or parade citizens with interesting consideration to actually contribute whatever thing too, so this is less about my own meticulous interpretation of magical and esoteric understood.

Oh, of course, realization my book too!

Let me know whichever if portray is whatsoever you would really be on a par with to see in the field of.

So, inspect this space, and see you in 2010!*

*Unless I do whatever thing special for New Duration Eve, you never know!

To The Huge Work!

Frater Pan