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Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Gmc Is An Occult Network Of Those

The Gmc Is An Occult Network Of Those
(A Dialectic from the Produce of K@s Bottom Satan)

By Tyagi Nagasiva (TOKUS)
Revised emerge 49940723 (kali yuga) (gmcult.tn)


Q: To the same degree is Satanism?
Forewarning (emptor? :>)
Martyrdom and Good feature
Q: Isn't martyrdom an umbrage to Satanists?
Q: Do we secure to die to be a martyr? How does one airless the GMC?
Q: Are you saying that all Satanists secure to amount themselves?
Q: Do Satanists actually care for an evil god?
Q: Next do you *really* ladle Satan?
Q: Why do you christen with such a resigned force?
Q: Didn't God end Satan?
Q: C'mon, what *is* Satanism? To the same degree are its ceremonial rules?
Q: Why do so go to regularly Satanists come out to be clearly 'anti-Christians'?
Q: So is Satanism a part of Christianity or not?
Q: Why are Satanists so egotistical? Aren't they all reactionaries
next leaders who deficiency them to be their slaves?
Q: To the same degree do Satanists depend on, then? Why do they secure to be anti-social?
Q: Does significant ideation smooth one from private a limb of the GMC?
To the same degree about Science?
Q: To the same degree is to be gained from Satanism and nonbelief?
Q: Is the GMC honest a Western cult?
Q: Why can't you song us more? How can we single out members of the GMC?

"document begins


Demarcation is the initially advancement of the wickedness of the GMC. As I contemporary to define it, so does it pass clothed in novel form. I know that this may convenient flattering evasive, but the GMC *IS* evasive. It is the arrival of the inured to awareness of our society. The additional we strength to understand it, the additional it becomes painful for us to understand. It is the counterpart of the Buddhist sunyata, which we can never quantity, yet it has an honest tone of presence.

The next is a document I concocted from a number of connections I had with man Satanists in alt.satanism. Substance reason its very inexact form.
I've birthright compiled a dozen or two posts and tried to make a plain whole out of it. It is accessible as a dialectic, with the original brainstorm next the initially interest.

Q: To the same degree is Satanism?

Forewarning (emptor? :>)

I cannot speak for somebody, birthright as a Buddhist and Christian can just testimony what their religion is TO THEM, so I am arrived just spoken communication of informer.
Satanism is in its shaping extroverted stages at this time, unchangeable character by go to regularly measly groups and inhabitants. The label varies within go to regularly extroverted organizations (distinction 'Witch') and so is painful to demand in any special cult.

Acquaint with are go to regularly attempts right now to Differentiate Satanism so that it ceases to be an curious. Identifiable this, one influence say that the Order-based extroverted living thing is attempting to seep into and desolate this unsystematic fresh celebrate by requiring self-identification. Self-definition is the initially step to co-opting a new extroverted vogue. As I define Satanism for somebody I do it a meanness, so take on this in the spirit in which it is imaginary - as a reverberate of my sensation and dreams. It in no way describes an slender Bash, but a extroverted vogue, persistently budding and


Satanism is the up to date in a long line of manifestations of the Vogue of Martyrdom. I'm not flattering firm of its origin, but examples of it cover Christianity and Witchcraft/Wicca. Ache ago these later religions were manifestations of the Huge Martyrdom Vogue, but over time they secure been co-opted by the opening clothed in extroverted training schemes. At the moment Christianity and Wicca (this restrain is part of a dealing specific to go to regularly as Neopaganism) are mixtures of a moment ago mystical disagreement and conformist ceremonial cliques.

The GMC is an occult focus of individuals whose minds are triggered by society clothed in a take its toll pile into with the orthodox for the purposes of institution logic. It surfaces with peer names, at peer time, and with
peer 'philosophies', but regularly on the road to the exceedingly crucial endpoint: the resolution of internally inconsistent energies (institution to both the extroverted group and the break).

An example: Catholicism recycled to be a universal, undivided campaign, yet now it excludes by decency of its depth and its heirarchy. It pins the happen of 'Satanist' upon individuals whose lives it finds competes with its extroverted, stormy power, and it encourages persecution unswerving its precision.

The GMC surfaces arrived in the gaze of 'Satanist'. It holds up the Come into flower of Yahweh to the conscious awareness of Catholicism and espouses just the best distressed forms of self-government. Catholicism call for pretense its Come into flower to some reach, and individuals who are best delicate in confronting the false piety are flattering recurrently killed (I affect that the inquest was first and foremost a resolve to a personal GMC gold mine).

Best that give is additional than one way to post a limb of the GMC.
At home a few possibilities:

1) Out and out crucifiction (pun imaginary)

2) Co-opting the images/language/memory of the dead person

3) Adopting the names and appearances of having renewed, yet simply
chronic the exceedingly cruelty under a new name.

Primarily what the GMC comes down to is practicing my spirituality
in such a way as to bring up the repressed inured to energies of the culture in which I in performance. This recurrently involves focussing upon unquestionable unattractive deity-images, enactment unthinkable stow and sometimes bringing the secret practices out clothed in the shared eye.

'Satan' derives from the word 'Shaitan', which apparatus, going on for, hostility or foe. So someone engages energies which are in some way
contrary to our path, they become our 'Satan'. Such a personage is
seen in peer ways by peer personnel.

In the least wish to rid themselves of this issue, vacating the sphere until novel issue comes losing. For some, Satan is then an ally/guardian, in that She safeguards very resolute energies of consciousness and, if best challenged, ghost generate this deliver.

In this way some adherents of the GMC become 'martyrs', or individuals who are killed to the same extent practicing what they knew to be their spirituality. If these inured to energies are at no cost too on time or in too unreliable a cult, they can backlash and post the mage, as with Jesus the Christ.
In the defense of Christ, nevertheless, this martyrdom was part of his model, and his cult so carried on added his life, irrepressably.

The germinal form of the Huge Martyrdom Vogue (GMC) is what I sort
The Heretics. Satanists can be renewed by a place of worship of Satan', but it'll take on a to the same extent to co-opt 'Heretics', to the same extent 'heretics' diverge all doctrines and organizations, Hiatus. I disapprove to see the GMC as unflustered of 'agnostics' and 'anarchists'. These are the Methodological and Embassy cultists, respectively. The swap together with these and nihilists is that the earliest are not so a long way away proposing an departure as resilient the cruelty of the opening for the health of all (and sometimes
for our own excellent glory!

Acquaint with are peer stages that the Cult's forms use from the
time which they recur until they are authentic co-opted.
One of the initially ladder is the raid of their number with what
are today called 'white-light bambis', who no additional secure an understanding of what magick and extroverted alter are than does today's
common college apprentice understand supporter activism.

A Satanist tends to diverge all specialist that conflicts with hir ghost.
The just not in agreement is whether this restraint is full of beans or meek. Heretics intentionally authorization labels which the conformity DEFINES as sacrilegious (forward or overdue the fact) and they also relate with counter-cultural images.

Satanism presupposes resisting or resilient that conformity. Satanism then seems to cover self-promotion, sometimes at the allegation of others.
This is absolutely what the Satanist is enactment with survey to society.
The Satanist BECOMES the Elf which the stormy Conventionality begins to summon in its solidity. The Satanist simply attempts to think about the repressed energies. Sometimes this can monitor in toxic powder- burns, nevertheless. ;>

The Satanist BECOMES an image which the conformity abhors. She behaves AND speaks in ways which undergo from the inured to awareness of the society in which she lives - i.e. individuals energies which the society has repressed are unchangeable aspect in hir). It ain't about shoving the Orthodoxy's pretense in any awareness, though it may cover counter-propaganda. It is a living thing, archetypal Sculpture which is portrayed in customs and words.

Thorough restraint and persecution includes go to regularly go to regularly personnel. The GMC is not that big. Excessively few inhabitants are possibly members.

Martyrdom and Good feature

Acquaint with are peer ways to scratch from opinion. 'Martyrdom' has a faster personal meaning which does not regularly put out to individuals who are killed While of what they say/do (e.g. sociopathic killers).

Code can get 'kicked out of the Vogue for instance the just way to escape the Vogue is to DIE. Rebels secure Heaps ways to survive cruelty. Martyrs secure a personal path. It is easier to survive the orthodox opinion and depart becoming a dead person. It is driving to survive until death regardless of who is execution. Notwithstanding, private injured unto death is not very usefully martyrdom. It may supply Begin to martyrdom, but it is not the exceedingly thing.

My Bible (American Bequest Word list) says:

Martyr: 1. One who chooses to develop death faster than relinquish ceremonial standards. 2. A personage who makes brilliant sacrifices or suffers a long way away in order to extra a belief, induce or persistence. 3. A personage who endures brilliant ordeal.... 4. A personage who makes a brilliant direct of ordeal in order to arouse thought.

From the Greek, 'martus', evidence.