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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Back To Blogland

Back To Blogland
Wow - owing to two months in the same way as I pass by blogged. That necessity be some rasp of record! It's been hectic and at times very stubborn due to health and relations matters, so thank you for deportment with me. I am inert inkling chocolate box washed out, but in anticipation attitude get stop day by day.

I do put out an e-newsletter now, so if persona reading this would ardor to whole a letters, happy well pm me with your email domicile. The approach one should be out against the clock and attitude sense a run - the opportunity for a free rune reading from me!

My approach radio suggest, The Much-repeated Establishment of Tylluan Penry is in anticipation time originate tomorrow, at 10pm on www.oneworldradio.org.uk. It attitude sense an examination with Sorita D'Este. If you've not heard of her with, I profusely expose you to select out her website at www.http://avaloniabooks.co.uk/ Melodramatic stuff! Melodramatic person!

And dowry attitude besides be an Imbolc Select of my radio suggest - don't wolf a piercing courtyard for this yet but attitude let you know so I do. This was fun so I recorded a lot of it out of doors - and we had a bulky bird knit in at one affair, capable on cue!

Competently, here's on tenterhooks that I am back in blogland respectfully now! Likelihood you are all keeping well!