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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Elemental Skull Set For Spell Work And Magick Gh 15 00

Elemental Skull Set For Spell Work And Magick Gh 15 00
Primitive Precede Set for Period Benefit personify and beef up the interaction with young spirit. Primitive spirits, Gods of wisdom, insight and apparition. Purification and concentrated effort on all levels, interaction with aristocratic self and spiritual helpers, commitment, spiritual rationalization, protection opposed to distrust, curses, exorcism, meditation, insight, fire, and clairvoyance.

1- Bag

Silken'ish bag 3 inches by 3 inches for connect or spell work.

1 - Votive Candle

Take screen Votive Candle for Liveliness energy, magick or spell work.

Magnesite: Magnesite brings a strong command to meditation and restfulness. Correctly regarded for its the unexplained to enhances sight and imagery. Magnesite brings a peaceful effect to the emotions, promoting discernment for strained stress which makes it faultless for spirit work and working within the veils. This stone assists in standing in your own source, gently harmony the other person or energy deficient difficulties.

Credit: spellscasting.blogspot.com