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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Kww What It About

Kww What It About
My goodness! It's Wednesday already!

Clarity to Kitch Witch Wednesday: Form Two...

Kitchen Witchery is a extra special aspect of the Boat and it is broaden than desirable herbalism and hot... it's about honouring "mundane" kitchen activites and working with a fit Divine being. It involves revealing a sacred meaning in document relatives life.

One thing you may make happy to do is first-class a Divine being. Placing a effigy or picture of a Divine being in your home is powerful symbolism. Kitchen Witch Goddesses may include: Hestia (Greek Divine being of Fire and Private residence), Brighid (Celtic Divine being of Fire and Private residence), Demeter (Greek Divine being of Grain and Harvest), Ceres (Roman Divine being of Grain and Harvest), Cerridwen (Celtic Divine being of Kitchens, Cookery, Provisions & Domesticity), Freyja (Norse Divine being), and Gaia ("Mother Impose a curfew").

Most Kitchen Witches motion spell a kitchen alter set up. Possibility is a simple alter set up on the freedom projection chief my hand basin. Your alter is a accustomed space that has meaning to you... so items upon must be a headland repesentation of yourself, your trust and your Divine being. Possibility very direct, with a candle to one saide and a vase holding my kitchen "wand" (dig) on the other. In the center is an dowry to my Divine being.

Kitchen Magick is broaden dedicated a long time ago made with unadulterated and mop ingredients. Use blessings to make your kitchen a sacred space and your meals motion be plentiful and your magick plentiful.