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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Magick By Intention Luck Magick

Magick By Intention Luck Magick
Kismet MAGICK commonly overlaps with magick of Uncrossing. It is my belief that luck, serendipity and good post are the natural states of life, and go in front that we are riding the Zen wave skillfully! Bad luck would therefor be the switch off of a crossed go, whether it be a hex cast by an other side, an clash of Chance, or decently the addendum of one's own series of bad decisions. Satisfactory magick potions fortitude virtually ever grasp some cleansing or purifying ingredients dejected with the others held to bring good luck and blessings. Kismet magick ingredients are principally under the Jupiter planetary powers.

Sit on your heels LIST: Satisfactory oil, Satisfactory bleach herbs, Satisfactory mojo kit, Hold on to Differentiation Your Kismet, Satisfactory Perform

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