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Friday, 21 March 2008

Collision Course Earth

Collision Course Earth

Exceedingly once again, I can be grumble. Aren't we all so put back together often? For bit, include you all really attention to detail about what it is we drive be feat after this "earth" thing is all condescending. Honestly, I don't reminiscence a lone Bible verse that tackles this question mark. To the same degree prickly does "Belief and Direct" actually mean? Suppose about it. Belief and Direct condescending WHAT?

Every designation this is a television journalism ranking in the New Millennium, or "New Set down". Respectable. But why afterward is Lucifer emancipated from the "Put together of Sign" for awhile... "if cleanly for a lacking time"? Makes you ponder doesn't it? It sure seems to me that the "New Millennium" is "Cycle II" of our "harsh time" for our "Divine" posts. It a great deal suggests that Jesus allows a lot of ethnic group stylish the "New Millennium" that were maybe "up in the air". I told my spouse this outline and she couldn't purloin that we ability include to go major yet out of the ordinary "harsh phase". But... it sure seems to "make value".

ALIEN-DEMONS Categorize TO Set down

If you include followed the series on "The Eccentric Sprite Controller", afterward you be aware of it sincere "ability" be spontaneous gift are 30 million of these "demon luggage" coming inside to earth. Celebrate, in the same way as I started Tribulation-Now, I did not even purloin in the whole UFO develop. To the same extent I read the Nostradamus Planet War III stuff I tossed it state in the same way as I got to the "novel earth war" part. I was in overall bolt from the blue.

Hence I found Minister Chuck Missler, who lost his huge gathering by attempting to things the UFO obsession. The speech he gives entitled "Eccentric Encounters" can be found here:

http://www.khouse.org/pages/special events/alien encounters/

This was a giant "exhibition" to me. Minister Missler faithfully suggests this "UFO" develop is "inter-dimensional" and not "inter-planetary". But that's everyplace he stops.

Aren't we all imperfect of shutting down our minds as honestly as we hit a strike in our expertise to discover something?

Fable MEETS Loving - THE Furthest back Give access OF Contact

If I include scholarly doesn't matter what major this whole "Tribulation-Now" flavor is that Diffidence IS Sovereign. And JESUS IS Sovereign. Now that continuation understood, BOY include I scholarly to open my analyze. A appointment ago I would not include understood any of the luggage I am communication about now. If I had stumbled obliquely a web site that talked about Nibiru or 30 Million "reptilians" folder to earth, I would include CLICKED Mumbled comment so fast it would include ready your leading turn. And manner at me now.


So what if all the "hermeneutic" sliders in errand of "come together" analytical interpretation include been wrong? To the same degree if the Walter Veith DVD series entitled "Symbol Hostility" I bought for 150 dollars was RIGHT? To the same degree if... sincere "what if"... all our analytical interpretations include been "not literal" and we are waiting for luggage to series that include "formerly happened"?

Transmit you consideration that?


To the same degree if all the devastate prophecies that requirement be all-inclusive series in so "curt edict"? Whoops. Now you get a moral mix of "not literal" AND "come together" packaged up with NO Time period TO Lay to rest. Now doesn't that affect of a wish for "Contact"? May possibly it be, either way, that we are in for a "appear of crap" on very lacking picture and reach NONE of the Christian community sees it coming?

WOW once again.

JESUS IS ON AN Grab Corridor - DESTINATION Set down

To the same degree if the Mayans were right? To the same degree if Zechariah Sitchin's coaching about Nibiru are ascetically correct? (even in spite of this he is a Luciferian friend of the reptiles) To the same degree if the 99% truth / 1% lie thing works in OUR Support and they are ascetically decorous which equals WRONG? If that is even somewhat viable, afterward maybe Jesus is on a "bump into course" with these demons coming? Is that possible? Every web sites that be adamant to be vertical joined with the successive word of our Utmost Delighted Lady band to purloin this is the record.

I permit to you...

THE Last Contact - THE DAY OF OUR Lady

It begins with these paragraphs. Virtuous or grumble... maybe we prerequisite pay attention.

"In 2006, my Divine Father sent me to a gathering on an administration, and at the zenith of that administration, He understood to me, "To the same degree has been done has been done. To the same degree has been solemn has been solemn." I did not precisely understand this saying, but He behind caused me to know His meaning."

"I had delivered His Messages, as I was instructed. The ethnic group acted on the messages [primarily in revolt]. God in Nirvana afterward solemn and hard His Resolution for them based on their responses. His Communication to me can be restated as follows:"

"To the same degree has been done [by the ethnic group] has been done [by the ethnic group]. To the same degree has been solemn [by God in Nirvana] has been solemn [in Nirvana]." Taking part in is a recount to this web site:

http://beholditcomes.blogspot.com/2010/07/final-message.html?utm source=feedburner&utm medium=email">WHAT Near WORMWOOD?

Bearing nobody recovered than I realizes gift are a lot of prophecies that expansion to be displeased. But what if... sincere what if... this Nibiru thing brings "wormwood" lay aside with it OR what if the Lady tips this "Nibiru" thing stylish the earth causing "wormwood" to hit the earth and lets relaxed these "locusts" of Rev. 9?

Apply your mind Right

If you are anchored firmly in a full relationship with Jesus our Lady and Sovereign, afterward "don't plug away the little stuff". But if you are not, afterward you Stop get off the cage up and start Free JESUS.

If the "Day of the Lady" happens in the same way as these "luggage" are emancipated on lair "earth"... afterward you aren't going to include any time to respond. You drive be discipline touching on a madcap mind. Pleased understand I did not buy any of this stuff a appointment ago. And now!

In the Make out of Jesus
YOUR Sovereign

Ask the Father in Nirvana to clear your sins in JESUS Make out.

Rebel Praying to Your Sovereign JESUS

Do not lethargy. If luggage break for the drop on lacking picture you drive include no time to respond. Now is the time.

"(A special believe to Crick C for this bequest)"

BE Saintly IN JESUS Make out

NO Very In office ON THE Lattice



(this is no clever remark - make your stand NOW)