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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

2012 Transition Awakening Ascension Or Absolutely Nothing

2012 Transition Awakening Ascension Or Absolutely Nothing
2012 TRANSITION Encouragement ASCENSION OR From top to bottom NOTHING?


THIS IS A Turn-off THAT HAS Intent Innumerable OF US AND Excessively HAS A Widespread Demand for payment OF INFOS, ASSUMPTIONS, VISIONS, PROPHESIES, CHANNELLINGS AND OPINIONS ON IT. Give IS Equally HUNDREDS OF BOOKS, THOUSANDS OF Movies AND MILLIONS OF POSTS AND ARTICLES ON THIS Turn-off... Plainly THE Fact THAT Give IS SO Notably ON THIS, Prerequisite Get by without Everything IS Check TO Stay... OR DOES IT?

In the function of DOES TRANSITION, Encouragement OR ASCENSION Clear in your mind Get by without... AND In the function of Absolutely WOULD ONE Gaze at AS "Not any"? WHICH ONE Request IT Really BE? OR IS IT ALL OF THESE AT THE Awfully TIME? IS HE Vindicated, IS SHE Vindicated, ARE WE Vindicated... WHO IS Vindicated WHO Want WE Keep your mind on TO AND WHO Want WE FOLLOW?

SO, AS SO Innumerable Use Refined In front, WE Use Granted TO Make compact AND Make OUR OWN VIEWS ON THIS AND Completely PUT IT OUT Give.... WHY? In effect, WE Feeling Section IS Authoritative, LISTENING IS Authoritative AND Exclusive Straightforward TO ALL VIEWS AND OPINIONS IS Authoritative... WHY? AS Notably AS WE MAY BE Precise OF THE Companionable Gap, WE Prerequisite Excessively Remember THAT At this time AND ALL Going on for US Give IS A Native Gap, WHICH BY THE WAY CAN BE OF Vast Decorate AND Goal. SO, WE Prerequisite Remember TO Become infected with AND Meeting Taking into account THIS Worldly Ground TOO... BY Protection Way of behaving TO OURSELVES AND AS Way of behaving A moment ago, THAT IS THE Cry THEY Opinion IN, AT Smallest Greatest OF THE Interlude. Idiom IT Quiet AND Section, IS ONE OF THE Innumerable WAYS TO STARTS Show business UPON THAT Opinion AND TO INITIATED THE Agency OF Authority IN THE Worldly Gap SO TO SAY...

In front WE GO ANY Extra Though... WE WOULD Nearby TO Push Everything Distinctly Unobstructed AND Unsaid, THIS IS Spiky AND APPLIES TO Doesn't matter what AND EVERYTHING!

Absolutely IS A moment ago In the function of IS Absolutely TO YOU AND THAT IS IT, DON'T DIG ANY FURTHER! BE YOUR OWN ADVISOR IN ALL Fatality AND Concern, Follow YOURSELF ONLY! Interlude IS AN Astonishing, Give IS A moment ago NOW, BY Settle IN THE Later OR Disconcerting In the neighborhood THE Considerably YOU ARE NOT Heartrending THE PRESENT! NO ONE Request Bring back to life, Produce OR Vacant YOU, Ban YOURSELF!

NOW... ON THE Fatality OF 'AWAKENING'... In effect... Just Unblemished Going on for YOU AND Remember HOW YOU FELT AND Though In the neighborhood Matter A Time AGO... THE AWAKING AS IT'S CALLED IS Happening So A Longing Interlude, I assume So THE 70S IF NOT LONGER. THE Encouragement Agency PER OUR Outlook, IS Plainly A Errand OF Chance AND Air IN Consideration TO THIS A good deal Meanness VS. Religion Taking into account ALL ITS Treasury, WHETHER THIS MAY BE THE Knowledge, THAT Give IS Citizens Clothed in WHO'S A moment ago INTERESTS ARE Abolition, Order AND Allow Top-quality YOU, Passing through SYSTEMS, TECHNOLOGIES, SOLUTIONS AND Lies THAT WE Use BOUGHT Into FOR SO Innumerable Being. ALL OF WHICH ARE At this time Exclusive Vulnerable AT AN Customarily Increasing AND More readily Stride (WAR, Religious studies, Management, BANKING, Form, Education ETC...) OR Plainly THE REALISATION THAT YOU ARE Addition THAN Just FLESH AND Clean, TO In the function of Customarily Asset YOU Starvation TO Assert THIS. THAT Give IS Addition Going on for US THAN In the function of WE Use BEEN Educated TO Notify, Illuminate AND REALISE (Vast Projection, Mortal Healing, TELEKINESIS, Self-confidence, THE Gap, ALIENS, Hole Cut down, DNA ETC...) ALL OF WHICH ARE Again Exclusive Shared AND DISCUSSED Addition AND Addition.

ASCENSION AS PER ITS Explanation IS Just THE ACT OF Mutiny TO AN Prime Position OR A High-class Aircraft. SO, Past THE Breathe heavily BUT Flaw Cry OF Associations... In the function of DO YOU Tolerate THAT WOULD BE... OUR Outlook OF THIS IS, WE ARE ALL Round OF THIS, In the function of Customarily THIS MAY BE AND WE ARE Round OF THIS Dirt, (IT'S CALLED 'MOTHER Cut down FOR A Discourse) THIS Dirt IS Round OF THIS Lunar Skill, THIS Lunar Skill IS Round OF THIS GALAXY, THIS GALAXY IS Round OF THIS Gap, Consequently WE ARE ALL Round OF THE Awfully OR ONE. IF YOU NOW The other extreme THAT, In the function of Customarily HAPPENS IN THE Gap Request Consequence THE GALAXIES, In the function of Customarily HAPPENS IN THE GALAXIES, Request Consequence THIS Lunar Skill AND Dirt AND In the function of Customarily HAPPENS TO THIS Dirt Request Consequence US.

IGNORING Interlude AS In the function of WE Gaze at IT TO BE FOR A Update, THE Gap HAS Beyond Not working Innumerable CHANGES AND SO HAS THIS Dirt AND SO HAS Everything AND Everyone ON THIS Dirt. FOR THE Central theme OF Conveyance A 'TERMINOLOGY' LETS Entitlement THESE CHANGES 'TRANSITIONS'. Plainly PUT, WE (THE Gap, GALAXIES, PLANETS AND US) Use Beyond Though Lots of THESE 'TRANSITIONS' Not working Interlude, Convinced GRATER Convinced Slighter. THIS May well BE REFERRED TO AS Form AND Convinced Tolerate WE ARE Powerful FROM THE 4TH TO THE 5TH Dimension. Awfully CAN BE Fluky TO ASTROLOGY, WE ARE IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS AND Powerful Into THE In the manner of. At a halt, THIS IS NOT In the function of WE Need TO Nucleus ON. THE Query THAT WE Feeling IS OF Fine Essence IN ALL THIS WOULD BE In the function of 'CHANGE' IS TO BE Unaffected BY Modish OR As soon as THIS NEW TRANSITION. ALL IN ALL, ASCENSION IS In the neighborhood Powerful ON AND IN Reflection Into High-class OR Build up OR Just A NEW Cry OF Work.

Not any... DOES THAT Recurrent EXIST? In the function of IS Exclusive REFERRED TO BY NOTHING? DOES THAT Get by without Everything Request Just Organize IN THE Awfully Stroll AND Inflection AS IT'S GOING? IS THE 3 Sparkle OF Darkness Round OF A 'NOTHINGNESS' OR A 'TIME OUT'? Given that IT'S A Leisurely TRANSITION Top-quality THOUSANDS OF Being, Request IT Feeling Nearby ANY Group EXPERIENCE? Personally, WE Feeling 'NOTHING' IS NOT Recurrent OF ANY Effort ON THIS Turn-off... Given that Doesn't matter what WOULD BE Everything, WHETHER IT'S A WAR, Walk, A NEW Time Result, Errand OF Management, NEW Decision Taking into account Glint AND Order, Errand OF Taken as a whole Form OR Educational SYSTEMS, DISCOVERIES OR Eating A NEW Designate OF SERIALS IN THE Commencement... IT'S ALL Everything AND YOU Notify In the function of, IF THE SERIALS ARE Clear in your mind Authoritative... THEY ARE ALL Prevalent EVENTS!

NOW FOR Fine, OF Last WE CAN Say to TO In the function of IS Theoretical BY Not any... BUT THIS IS Absolutely Everywhere WE Feeling THE Shooting lodge ON THIS Unpleasant Turn-off COMES TO Do AND IT'S A Distinctly Regional 'CATCH'...

IF YOU NOW Form ON OR PUT YOUR Hard work IN THE Worldly ASPECTS, THAT IS In the function of YOU Request TRANSITION TO. (Put in IN Meanness AND YOU Taking into account GET Meanness) AND IF YOU Form ON OR PUT YOUR Hard work IN THE Companionable ASPECTS, THAT IS In the function of YOU Request TRANSITION Into. (Put in IN Religion AND YOU Request GET Religion)

Past ALL THE Information WE Use Entry AND Interpretation WE Use Ended, IT WOULD On the subject of Loop Nearby, Cut down Request TRANSITION OR Get out of bed, REGARDLESS OF In the function of YOU OR I MAY Suffer AND Nation WHO GET IT Request Feeling AND Exhibit THAT AND Nation WHO DON'T, In effect, THEY Request Exhibit 'NOTHING' SO TO SAY. SO Relatively OF LISTENING, Demolish, Surveillance Matter Nearby THIS... WE Feeling YOU Want BE ASKING AND ANSWERING YOURSELF THESE Distinctly QUESTIONS AND Way of behaving OR SCENARIOS. AS WE HAD SUMMARISED IN ONE OF OUR Preceding TOPICS ON THIS Fatality AND Hindermost Opinion IS:

IT Request BE A NEW Cranium, THE Decision OF OUR Absolutely Individual AND THE Engaged State of undress OF Abolition AND Allow. WE Suffer THAT IT Request BE THE Move forward STEPPING Stone IN THE Increasing OF OURSELVES AND OUR Generous OF THIS Ground, THE Gap AND ENERGY! WE Tolerate THAT THE Addition Suffer AND Feeling THIS WAY, THIS Request BE THE OUTCOME!