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Monday, 5 September 2011

Venerable John Bishop Of Manglisi

Venerable John Bishop Of Manglisi

COMMEMORATED ON Show protest 28

Saint John (Saakadze) of Manglisi was instinctive in 1668 and religiously nurtured in the Davit-Gareji Wilderness. Without equal in virtue, John was fast fated a hieromonk, and speedily in the rear holy bishop of Manglisi. In 1724 St. John consumed Davit-Gareji for Derbend, Dagestan, everywhere he constructed a wooden church and began to lecture Christianity stuck between the public rush. He stressed contemporary with eleven other pious believers. St. John's mask life and the miracles he performed attracted the fascination of the Muslim Dagestanis, and even the chaos took take notice of of his dogged evangelical vacancy.

At that time the Georgian Sovereign Vakhtang VI (1703-1724) and Tsar Peter the Significant of Russia were corresponding repeatedly about the evangelization of the Caspian seacoast. Any kings well-known the value of St. John's vacancy in regard to this trade, and they kindly contributed to his hard work. Surrounded by their help, St. John built one church in comply with of the Nativity of the Theotokos and separate in comply with of Great-martyr Catherine.

In 1737 John consumed his disciples in Dagestan and journeyed to Astrakhan, rigorous the place everywhere the Volga flows voguish the Caspian Sea. Offer he constructed a church in comply with of St. John the Evangelist, which was reformed voguish a monastery in 1746. Archimandrite Herman, one of St. John's disciples, was big as abbot of this monastery.

Instant in Astrakhan, St. John exposed that a choice of ethnic Georgians were passing put down the municipal of Kizliar in Ossetia, but they did not wolf a church in which to celebrate the divine services. So he traveled to Kizliar and, with help from his kinsmen, built a church and opened a early school for clergy put up the shutters.

On Show protest 28, 1751, St. John reposed in Kizliar at the age of eighty. He was dug in in the church that he himself had constructed.

Similar to, by order of Sovereign Teimuraz II (1744-1761), the myrrh-streaming corpse of St. John were translated to Tbilisi and dug in in Sioni Minster, in tummy of the Manglisi Fame of the Close relative of God.


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