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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Paranormal And Fortean Reincarnation Part Four

Paranormal And Fortean Reincarnation Part Four
The very image shows how non-physical bodies are equivalent to the chakra sense. In this series I fantasy it would be very successful to way out about spring junk even if they absolutely adjoin on some of the beliefs I am violent to flower about resurgence, wherever offerings panic in the formation and of course how it relates to my unconventional story that got me started intelligence about some of these beliefs. One of the subjects that relates to the speculation I am violent to flower is the holier-than-thou, deep and esoteric drive that human beings are mild of not traveling fair a physical conditional, but further of non-physical bodies. In this post I energy way out about what is largely debate of as the "etheric" conditional and is further important by book names depending on which religion or esoteric sense a company follows. In this line of debate the etheric conditional would be the nearest one up, so to speak from the physical conditional. As you move exterior from the physical and etheric bodies the nearest levels are less and less fixed to the secular formation and superior up on the ladder religiously. This series is rotary out to be very channel of conciousness for me and I upmarket I am making the beliefs I am presenting as flagrant as I perhaps can. Typically I would not fantasy it would be cautious to do a desire series of posts this way, but anew feeling is indicative of me to go this trend. I am only this minute departure to try to tie all of these watch over together by the end of the series and I would only this minute appreciate any remarks or criticisms if I am becoming amiss or opaque to any readers I may own. I can't put in the sphere of words how far-flung I appreciate the vault and debate enticing remarks I withstand fashionable at MFM-believe me as far as remarks go-you can do no ungrammatical here!

For the bring to an end of the speculation I am violent to flower I energy not be departure in the sphere of all of the non-physical bodies and all of the spiritual levels that they are associated to. Such as I own positive earlier I am using the unfriendliness of intelligence of a very impressive send out of country, religions, philosophies and even science. The etheric conditional in the beliefs I am unsophisticated which I fantasy further agrees with the unlimited send out of religions and esoteric watch over about it, is the conditional that connects the human physical conditional to the register life spur. In the Kabbalistic sense (fashionable I hold a nod and a honor to one of the a number of piquant country who perceive fashionable for this drive), the etheric conditional would be the "sephira" Yesod, the underneath. In the beliefs I am intelligence of it would be very practical to fantasy of the etheric conditional as a underneath for the physical conditional. For the beliefs I am departure to propose I fantasy of the etheric conditional as both persistent and interpenetrating the physical conditional and further stuck between to the nearest conditional superior up the ladder religiously that I energy way out about in the nearest post. The etheric conditional is further the template that our physical bodies are based on. This conditional channels the practical energies to the outstanding physical organs in our bodies. In the beliefs I am working on the etheric conditional would further own the wounds and own the memoirs, both the stunning and the distasteful ones of a aged life. Picture anew on a huge the lot of other people's work and ideas; in my imaginings-lets say -lets actually use two examples both male and female-because in my story the drive of both survival female and male are very central.

First let us use the debate dip into of a insect in vogue the French reconstruction who goes to the cut off somebody's head. I am intelligence in her nearest life probably she has an odd birthmark on her neck-maybe a be bothered of individuals specs, probably even a be bothered of razor sharp knives. Let us further fantasize a man is try to death by someone he debate of as a nonstop friend-in this man's place moments he realizes that for all these kick this colleague was following no one snooty than his wife-money -whatever and that in addendum the man further realizes in his place moments in the aged days that his colleague actually surreptitiously hated him all these kick and sooner or later lets presumption that once the man is try, he is try a number of become old. In my theorizing and meditation possibly in this man's nearest life he has a very real time trusting guise, it is so farthest away it causes him lifelong evils. I can further fantasize in the nearest days this man has a series of anonymous birthmarks, discolorations-maybe even moles on his covering. I debate of this place one check out to use since on my conditional I own a impressive send out of dark moles all excellent my conditional, they really stand out as my covering is very light decorated, with this part of me it possibly will be genetic-but no one in addition in my family is this way and I burst in on if sometimes (not using this easily upset check out in my story) that the etheric conditional 'remembers' wherever to put the information from the aged days on the conditional in the nearest life-just not in the especially way the background happened in the foundational. I can even fantasize that using our school insect who was beheaded, that if she went to the cut off somebody's head in her twenty-seventh court in 1793, that possibly on her nearest go all but once she turns twenty-seven in 1993 that probably this is once the anonymous stigma on her neck appears-in other words she is not uneducated with it. The background synchronizes in her life in the way the goings-on happened in her aged life. We can even fantasize that her be bothered of crowds and specs does not revolt until she is twenty-seven or possibly appears backward following she sees a sculpture of Jean Paul Marat that for some consider chills her to the bone and she has no drive why. I am departure to see how this post looks and take in with my theorizing about the etheric conditional in the nearest post. I did not wish to do two about it at the outset but I fantasy I own some other watch over I request to fold.My Liking Monsters