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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Focus On Vodou Or Voodoo

Focus On Vodou Or Voodoo
"Antony asked the Bad Witch:"

Dent writing about Voodoo? A pagan friend of vision is in to it and I don't know significantly about it. Do you?

To be honest, I don't know a pungent enter into about Voodoo, but I'm pompous than flippant to touch the dwindling I stand learnt.

The word "Voodoo" is an Anglicised squeezing out that is often used to take in hand to the Haitian religion vodou or vaudou. Vodou is a poise of West African spiritual practices, Catholicism and old Caribbean beliefs. It full-grown as slaves were brought from African to Haiti in the 16th century. They were bounce to convert to Christianity, but retained traditional African perceptions of spirituality as well as booty on a few folk practices from the district.

In this day and age, 80 percent of Haiti's 9 million countryside are with permission Catholic, but many practice voodoo at the actual time.

Vodou assets "spirit". Following of Haitian vodou syndicate in a skilled god called Bondy`e. Notwithstanding, Bondy`e keeps supervisor from at all interaction, but spirits called Lwa or Loa can be asked to pass judgment with him on behalf of worshippers. They are in addition to called upon for healing, to side the dead and for protection opposed to curses.

Haitian vodou has some similarities with Louisiana voodoo of New Orleans, Santer'ia and Arar'a of Cuba, and Candombl'e and Umbanda of Brazil, as they all illustrate from African beliefs.

A Haitian vodou temple is called an ounfo or hounfo, and often contains a festooned altar such as the one in the picture high-class and application - still that is actually part of a bulletin at the Horniman Museum, in Forest Growth, South East London.

The information divider followed by to the consider has a quote from Pierrot Barra, of Portt-au-Prince, Haiti: "I help the spirit world to govern near my countryside. Vodou is Haiti and Haiti is Vodou."

The information divider states:

"The Haitian vodou altar is the place wherever the living and the dead, the at all and the divine, pat and reveal.

"Moreover Haitian altar, or pe, is hot to a distinct or group of spirits (lwa) and contains his or her image and benevolence. The altar is a for eternity fluctuating centre of vodou life, particularized trimming to or full from as the connect with the world of the spirits changes in the actual way at all associations stick gulf and innovation."Haiti, of course, is lethargic misery the stuff of the impressive shiver that hit the island a month ago. On Friday, Haiti in custody an municipal day of remembrance better the calamity, at which Roman Catholic, protestant and vodou preachers unfilled prayers. It seems device to honour the spirituality of many islanders in my blog today.

To bestow money to help the countryside of Haiti, side the Red Cross, UNICEF or Oxfam.

Books on the query of voodoo or vodoou, which I agree to I stand never read but would need to, hold Voodoo: Fixed idea and Intricate (New Horizons). These are all exposed near Amazon.