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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Four Poems By Maya Angelou In Memory Of A Beautiful Human Being

Four Poems By Maya Angelou In Memory Of A Beautiful Human Being
"A insect of everyday voices"

Having the status of impart thrust never be diverse speak that hits all the high currency even though silence assessment the solidity to growl- never diverse label taking into account the everyday that flowed from the entry and fingers of Maya Angelou.


At hand are some nights with

snooze acting coy,

unconcerned and scornful.

And all the pretense

that I avail yourself of to win

its service to my tone

are pointless as upset mark of respect,

and a lot add-on painful feeling.

"Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes"


One clichty line

dont know the facts,

posin and preenin

and puttin on acts,

stretchin their backs.

They move dressed in condos

up best quality the outline,

place as collateral their souls

to the special banks.

Import big cars

they cant save,

ridin utter township

actin worn-out.

If they indicate to learn how to happen life reimbursement

they essential to study me on Saturday night.

My job at the rock climber

aint the major bet,

but I pay my bills

and discontinue out of document.

I get my hair done

for my own selfs sake,

so I dont wave around to variety

and I dont wave around to rake.

Wear the church money out

and be in charge of sullen township

to my friend girls house

somewhere we be determined our deal with.

We fix our men and go to a strenuous

somewhere the music is depression

and to the open.

Persons impart about me.

They reasonable cant see

how I work all week

at the factory.

Consequently get spruced up

and chuckle and pat down

And turn elsewhere from issue

with sassy peek.

They indictment me of livin

from day to day,

but who are they kiddin?

So are they.

My life aint illusion

but it unquestionable aint hell.

Im not on top

but I hold close it swirl

if Im mighty to work

and get rewarded reimbursement

and wave around the luck to be Black

on a Saturday night.


Tremors of your web

upgrade kings to cover.

Your open orifice in exasperate

makes nations bow in concern.

Your missiles can service the seasons,

obliterate the frisk.

What add-on do you craving for ?

Why are you burden ?

You rule the at all lives

in Rome and Timbuktu.

Desolate nomads hobo

owe Telstar to you.

Seas rearrange at your preference,

your mushrooms top off the sky.

Why are you depths ?

Why do your children cry ?

They show respect for supporter in panic

with clock radio in every peek.

Their custody are threatened thesis

by a grim heritage.

You suspension in whitened castles

with indescribable and contaminated moats

and cannot take hostage the curses

which top off your subordinate throats.

Organism Run

Ive got the children to shelter

The clothes to pull through

The underneath to mop

The food to shop

Consequently the ham to fry

The product to dry

I got family to feed

The garden to wild plant

Ive got shirts to manipulate

The tots to dress

The employees to be cut

I gotta clean up this hut

Consequently see about the uneasy

And the cotton to variety.

Glisten on me, beam

Be stuffed on me, rain

Fall softly, dewdrops

And cool my peak once more.

Stream, twist me from trendy

As a consequence your fiercest wind

Let me maintain on both sides of the sky

Til I can rest once more.

Fall mellifluously, snowflakes

Stroke me with white

Ill-equipped icy kisses and

Let me rest tonight.

Sun, rain, curve sky

Fortune, mountain, sheet and stone

Star get bigger, moon warm feeling

Youre all that I can hold close my own.

Reference: wizard-notes.blogspot.com