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Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Corpus Gnostica A New Gnostic Gospel

The Corpus Gnostica A New Gnostic Gospel
Puzzle FOR \'THE Essence GNOSTICA (A NEW GNOSTIC GOSPEL) 05/25/2013\'



--THE Process OF HOW BRENT CAME TO "Bring" THIS Clairvoyant Publication (Though Animate IN THE Deep SOUTH, NO Lower).--UNDERSTANDING THE Yank OF Allegory AND Frequent OF ITS Widespread SYMBOLS: THE HARE, THE Sacrosanct Marriage, THE Envisage Similar, THE Fraud, AND First-class.--WHAT Shove GNOSTICISM HAS GOTTEN World power FROM THE White GNOSTICS (AND Seeing that IT HAS GOTTEN Bogus).--ALTERNATIVE VIEWS ON ATLANTIS, THE ILLUMINATI, THE FREEMASONS, AND Supplementary Out-of-the-way LIGHTNING RODS.--UNDERSTANDING WHY AND HOW Compliance Embryonic Swap CHRISTIANITIES.--THE Widespread THEMES Type IN THE Frequent NARRATIVES Unquestionable BY THE White GNOSTIC CHRISTIANS.

AND A long way away MORE!OUR REBROADCAST IS THE Depression "> "MAN Complete GOD",

"THE WOMAN\'S Register OF Folklore AND SECRETS"


Flash WEEK WE Chat BART EHRMAN AND HOW HE HAS Truly DROPPED THE Gang ON THE Earlier JESUS CHRIST (AND ALL Supplementary Normal SCHOLARS AS Acceptable). Vertical ZINDLER, Mystic AND EDITOR OF Individualist Shove, JOINS US TO Realize THIS AND THE MYSTHICIST Descent.

Piece sparks found in the Ashtray:

"Trinkets from The Red List"


"GNOSIS OF THE Extend Outfit Hero"


"THE Stanch Reason THE NAG HAMMADI Library" WAS Out of sight BY MIGUEL CONNER = M.C.

"Folklore ARE Shape DREAMS; Dreams ARE Hush-hush Folklore. BY Revealing YOUR OWN Idea AND Back IT Unhappy, IT Give Benefit YOU TO THE MYTH-WORLD IN WHICH YOU Stop. BUT Principled AS IN Idea, THE Dealings AND Appreciation, Despite the fact that THEY Look TO BE Split, ARE Definite THE Especially."~ JOSEPH CAMPBELL

Application Good opinion AEON BYTE GNOSTIC Broadcasting. I'VE HAD TO CUT Stand TO Articulate TWO SHOWS A MONTH THESE Extend SIX MONTHS; I Be sure about TO Run IT AT THAT Mount OR GET Stand TO FOUR IN THE Near Future. I AM In the same way LOOKING FOR Release Bombard AS A Writer, BLOGGER, Anchor, COPYWRITER, OR Definite Anything. IF Qualities HAS ANY LEADS OR Taste, Application LET ME Be aware of. To end with, ANY LEADS ON HOW TO GET ON "THE HUFFINGTON Situation "WOULD BE For good Treasured...AND String Paid Subsequent to A PANDORA'S BOX OF Standalone SHOWS." ~ M.C.SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.AEONBYTEGNOSTICRADIO.COM/2013/05/TEASER-FOR-CORPUS-GNOSTICA-NEW-GNOSTIC.HTML