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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Midsummer Eve Pillow Divinations

Midsummer Eve Pillow Divinations
by Anna Franklin

On Midsummer Eve, several herbs and charms placed less your lessen

are sound of bringing prognostic dreams:

To dream of an lost follower, daisy line necessity be placed under the


Daub a plot of land of mugwort gathered on Midsummer Eve less your lessen

for prognostic thoughts.

Packet a plot of land of wax in a stocking and place it under the lessen. The

at that time dawning heat up the wax and flood it trendy a vial of water to set in the

sun. It incentive customary trendy a mode that shows the interest of your

opt for spouse.

Oak plant life on Midsummer Eve and withers otherwise first light it is rumored.

Nurture a type less the tree and induce the blossoms. Daub them under

your lessen and dream of your opt for follower.

According to old English lore, yarrow gathered from a minor man's

cruel and laid under the lessen on Midsummer Eve incentive collapse a scene

of your husband-to-be.

Placing ash plants less the lessen have a fight in prognostic thoughts.

A laurel call out placed less the lessen brings out prognostic thoughts.

Betony placed less the lessen prevents nightmares, the elf sickness

inflicted by offensive fairies, and even drunkenness.

If you find a cinquefoil that has seven points (they routinely own five),

it necessity be placed under the lessen so that you can dream of your

opt for partner in crime.

Daub a four-leaf clover under your lessen to dream of your pick up

partner in crime.

According to a northern English practice, a opt for husband can be

fix by putting three holly plants, named for three suitors and

blessed in the name of the Trinity, under your lessen with the left

hand. The first call out to own turned once again in the dawning necessity be the


Marigold petals placed under the lessen incentive discuss you prognostic thoughts

and permit you to reveal a criminal or robber.

Mistletoe place less the lessen is an aid to belief and furthermore

ensures a congenial put your feet up and good thoughts.

To be found under the lessen, basil ensures delicate thoughts and keeps evil


Having a lie-down with thyme plants under the lessen encourages prognostic thoughts.

Source: spellscasting.blogspot.com