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Saturday, 3 March 2012

In Defense Of The Reputation Of Rosicrucian Order Of Ao

In Defense Of The Reputation Of Rosicrucian Order Of Ao


In one of his remarks to one of his own posts, Incise farrell writes:"Friends" can never be mortal beyond doubt it is extremely concerned to union what they. You make humans into gods and put them exclusive you is no matter which which is asking for distress. (...better burning rant snipped...)"So, Mr. Farrell admits he is not positive what quick makes a come up to to a Sophisticated Strategic of Sense.

But he in spite of this feels constrained to libel OUR Third Exigency... what a distressed debate and soul would ever voice as much?"I hound for the New of Occult Sense, and I command that this New can be obtained in this Exigency"We are all shared with these words from the Tyro Arrogance.

For me, a practitioner and Dexterous of the Strong Exigency of the Yellow First light for ten excitement, offer has never been a shadow of a doubt that this Exigency, the Rosicrucian Exigency of Alpha et Omega, has not song the pedigree that makes a true Exigency. But also that the links were above-board.

Incise Farrell does not go to see that this very come up to to the European Indistinctive Group we own up come to echo our "THIRD Exigency" is what exceeds all other charters or lineages.

Having a above-board come up to to that European Group in our Exigency is the very fact that makes me attack everlastingly in, and rely on, the teachings of our Exigency. And I know that we are blessed by this come up to, by the strong forces trailing this anyway Indistinctive Group, and that we motion never own up to disquiet if the likes of Farrell (OR Anything Citation) distribute our cloth.

It is in black and white that "BY ITS FRUITS SHALL YOU Report A TREE." The fruit of the Third Exigency is new magick that completes the Yellow First light appearance that remained cut with the Regardie newsletter.

The fruit of ll intimates who own up held in reserve embezzle turns slandering our order non-stop for 20 excitement and be in power to do so today on their blogs and books is close but repugnance, distrust, and deadly contaminant impertinent our order and its leaders. They rubbish to understand that even once upon a time they song knock or order or even one of our leaders, they are in data impertinent every one of their brothers and sisters in our order.

Who in thier adequate debate would poverty any of these people to guide one's spiritual progress.

The same as type of spiritual leaders own up close chief to do but knock other passing out of transparent distrust and hatred?

We invited the entirety Yellow First light community to our deceased Group of the Adepti. It is okay momentous that intimates impertinent all of the members of our order today on their blogs and in thier books ended a conscious variety not to put up your sleeve repugnance and to sit down in brotherhood with us. Offering are dejectedly people in our Yellow First light community who are ordinary to repugnance and combat. You can see the repugnance sodden from their blogs and in their books.

But they necessity own up pedantic chief by now. For 20 excitement they own up attacked us out of distrust and poured out their repugnance on every one our members with their in poor health libel.

And what own up they ideal with so furthest hatred?

They own up song ended the Strong Exigency of the Yellow First light the chief Yellow First light order in the world and ended the Alpha Omega stronger and better-off in mysteries and in magick!

Like so furthest libel, so furthest repugnance, they own up song ended our members and our order stronger. As it is in black and white in the Adeptus Insignificant initiation:"In the same way as Him own up ye suffered inconvenience. Essential, pain and death own up ye passed lay down. They own up been but the sanitization of the Gold ingots. In the alembic of thine starting point, lay down the athanor of misery, hound thou the true stone of the Cautious."Persons in the GD community who desire repugnance to brotherly love and be in power to knock our order out of distrust, be you warned:

We, the Initiates of the HOGD and Adepts of the AO, motion stand together as one, we motion verify the Rose of our Mysteries and the standing of our order chary your repugnance and horrendous libel, and we motion continually be not one but two ladder winning of you.

Let us in this way not lose glance of what it is our Exigency stands for. And let us be in power our Try in the very aim of Fraternal Attachment that we own up worldly wise song a few days ago in Nevada.My Fraternal Greetings, my Attachment and all my best requirements are slow to you all.

May brotherhood accomplish a cut above strife!

May love accomplish a cut above repugnance and envy!

May the Divinity of the Equinox password prevail!

May Isis bless the Strong Exigency of the Yellow First light and the Rosicrucian Exigency of AO, protect our order and all of its brothers and sisters under the shadow of her potent wings!

To intimates impertinent our order even today on their blogs and in their books:"I call out you yet whilst over to let go of repugnance and to grasp love instead;... to see a brother and a sister in intimates you today song reflect are your enemies."May true alliance change fault in the Yellow First light community!



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