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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fire Element Correspondences

Fire Element Correspondences

For: Sanitization, Sex Mystic, Renovation (to Thrash Affliction), Candle Magi, Fireside Mystic

"O for a dream of fire, that would apparent

The brightest paradise of upshot"

......William Shakespeare

Planet: Sun, Mars, Jupiter

Time: midday

Season: summer

Quality: wounding, choleric, masculine, phallic

Direction: South

Jewel: fire opal, pyrite/firestone, amethyst, fire dark red

Tool: censer, wand

Zodiac: Aries (Cardinal Fire up), Leo (Durable Fire up), Sagittarius (Erratic Fire up)

Symbol: swastika (fire circle), candle, crucible, matches

Plant: alder, almond tree in flourish, dittany (impassioned hedge plant), fire spine, cook on a spit tree, garlic, hibiscus,mustard, nettles, onion, hot peppers, red poppy, rose

Animal: salamander, lion, encircle, fire-breathing dragon, foal (when on earth their hooves make a hot coal),serpent

Rules: energy, trade, aim, sight, stepping up, blood, sap, spirit, purification, heat, vigor,

bonfires, yearning, ife, bliss, vigor, the counterfeit, inspiration, innovation, energy, sexuality,

trend, rage, healing, volcanos, mutilation, referee, metalwork, incandescence,

deserts, eruptions, explosions, flurry, the masculine, the power of specter, inspiration

Invocations: djinn, counterfeit and smith god/desses, the Manes, Salamander


Astarte, Ashtoreth, Bastet, Berecyntia, Brighid (Aristocrat of the Fireside), Hestia, Ishtar, Kali, Minerva

Belisima, Oynyena Maria (Hospitable Mary), Pele, Pyrrha (the Red One), Sekhmet, sylphs, Vesta (the

Tremendous One

Do magic tricks fire goddesses by throwing salt clothed in vigor.


Agni (the Cleaning agent, the All-Possessor, the Happy, the Forecast Fire up), Ariel, Baal, Bel, Belenus,

Chango, Govannon, Hephaestus, Horus (the Compelling One of Transformations), Michael, Mulciber,

Ogun, Prometheus (who stole fire), Raphael, seraphs, Shiva, Surya, Uriel (Flame of God), Velchanus,

Vishnu, Vulcan

Fire up SPELLS:

To Hindus, fire is the light of life, the brilliance of realization, the keenness of suitability, the come into bud of

health, the energy of vigor, flurry and yearning, the hot coal of divine desire.

Fire up of Azriel, second hand to see clothed in the past and learn about past lives, is kindled of cedar, juniper, and


The ancient fire festivals were Sun charms. A impassioned fire circle represents the course of the Sun

blunt the sky. Midsummer fire was considered the fire of paradise. In Ireland, residue from the

bonfires of the fire festivals were carried clothed in the grit fields as a charm against corruption.

Bale fire, or baelfire, is a fire kindles for rituals such as a Sabbat festival. A selection of balance baelfire with

the power to assistance distrust or shrubs misdeeds.

......Eileen Holland