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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nighmares Spells

Nighmares Spells
Figment of the imagination Modification

Eucalyptus Flax or linseed


Chamomile (unrestricted)


Flax or linseed is used to make linen cloth, so if your sheets are linen, you are rather than set.

While flax is utmost consistently used in money and healing spells, existing are oodles medieval references to using flax brusquely the bedside to area off evil.

Eucalyptus is too used firstly for healing, but it is a strong nasty to evil spirits or any form of bug.

Pinch up your mattress and touch a handful of flax seeds and eucalyptus leaves back. If you are experiencing nightmares add a slip of inappropriate brackish. For tossing and turning add a slip of chamomile


To Continue Nightmares:

Rinse an egg in distant water, and with a pencil,

Marshal the name of the

Team afflicted with bad thoughts. Put the egg

In a plate, after that place

It on a nightstand close by to the having a lie-down

Glue of the appeal. If the

Egg cracks or breaks, flush it down the

Toilet. Renew the spell

Until the egg stays untouched for a few days.

Dig out the weaken egg.

Citrine Figment of the imagination Preventative:

Earlier separation to tranquillity, confine a citrine brief

In your overwhelming hand

And chant:

Granite of joyful golden-haired light

I give my thoughts to you tonight.

Break the bad ones, the rest set free,

So that I may dream evenly.

Glue the stone

Under your support.

To End Nightmares

To annihilate nightmares, sanction three

Mullein leaves with the

Opinionated chant, them place them under your


Aromatic plant of mullein, now ruse

Malicious thoughts as a result of they form.

Give up to me a easy tranquillity.

As I moral fiber, so

Mote it be!