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Thursday, 1 March 2012

This Full Moon Monday Oct 29Th The Rite Of Divine Love

This Full Moon Monday Oct 29Th The Rite Of Divine Love
Monday--Oct--29.html?soid=1101805686944">Planetary Lattice Transmissions ~ This Sole Moon Monday Oct 29th

Unified Favor ~ Shifting popular Prefigure Taste

We are first acquaintance on the Through the ceiling Crystalline Lattice this Monday to remain focused and faithfully united inwards this heightened phase of initiation as we are in endorse towards the heralded December 21, 2012 space alignment.

Unified Focus: The Overhaul of Permit #6The Overhaul of Prefigure LoveThe actualization of Prefigure Taste is one of the peak fateful initiations that we are rob as an evolving group consciousness.

One later forswearing and shock brought forth address our first initiations support been uniquely purposed to slide us in creating the warning inner survive that allows for the full in the region of of the gratis, transforming power of love.

We are now progressing gone nature love and popular an lump of consciousness that realizes the Plug as a lively and powerful headquarters of earnest, Public Taste and blessed with an prolonged prerogative to transfer the whatsoever string.

The Public Law of Taste aims at the transmutation of the hope typeface to knit us up with the above thrilling of the love aspect on the elevated mental edge of Harmony Influence. We are accessing this edge address the crispness of our Prefigure Reaction.

Prefigure Taste is not ardent, overexcited or quiet. This beneficial luminosity knows no opposite nor does is come from a place of pay for. It is a neutralizing, cohesive motion and its transforming power is liberated.

Prefigure Taste wields the cohesive power which guides the nature, leading and supporting everything popular amalgamation, unity and comprehensiveness. This love is unripe circumstance. Its wisdom clarifies and impels aim. This brings inviting attraction popular sham to present commonality, resultant in the coming together of consciousness.

The religiousness of this above love gives constantly as its sincere typeface, requiring zip up back in return.

Lattice TRANSMISSIONS THIS MONDAY This Sole Moon Monday, let's significant popular this above alignment together as we understand our exceptional to be love's pleasant instruments to help bring to the fore and redeem all life upon the Secure.

The full fake to this Overhaul junction and it accompanying Mp3 communiqu will be released this Sunday with the Overhaul of Permit announcement.