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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Magic Of Dungeons And Dragons

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Witchcraft has become so preferred and more accepted in the decade or so, that there is a big range of books and courses on offer where you can learn the way to cast Spells for Beginners, carry out full moon spells and rituals plus a ton more. The craft is large and far reaching and it takes an entire life to learn all of the exciting methods to work real sorcery spells, honor the Sabbats, make incense, brews and oil blends. It really is endless and there are lots of pagan groups that are open for new folks to join.

if you are an amateur, do however look out for those offering free black sorcery spells, break up spells, black wizardry love spells, free revenge spells, real black magic, free voodoo spells, spells and curses or voodoo love spells. This seems quite a catalogue of things to keep an eye out for, but there are some underhand characters around.

here's a ritual that may stand you in a good position as the base for any spell.

Firstly decide what your goal is. What do you want the outcome of your spell to achieve? By beginning with the end in mind, this helps us to have our consciousness in the goal rather than the obstructions, which is a{ very important imperative crucial start for weaving a successful spell. You can write this down or draw it. Some folks make a vision board and cut out photographs from magazines and books and include artistically written words to help them connect with the end goal. This is also good if drawing isn't your robust point!

when you have done this it is critical to clean yourself and the atmosphere. You can make yourself a ritual bath with a drop each of rosemary, sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense concentrated oils. This clears the energies of the day away and sets the mind for targeted work. Breathe in the smells as you concentrate on your ritual goal.

preferably you should be alone in your place ( or outside ) or at least have a room to yourself where you know you won't be disturbed. Once back in the ritual room, smolder some incense of two parts frankincense, one part Myrrh and 1/2 part cinnamon. Light some candles, ideally green for north, red for south, blue for west and yellow or white for east. Place these candles around you in a circle in the suitable quarters and stand in the middle.

Now draw a circle with your hand outstretched 3 times around you, visualizing white light leaving your hand. Some use a wand or athame ( ritual knife ) for this except for newbies, your hand is fine. With your circle of white light around you, you are now ready to start your spell. Sit in the middle of your circle and take your drawing or written goal. Recite out loud and keep it where you can see it. Visualise your goal manifest. You are being it, having it, it is yours. Now close the circle by 'undrawing' the circle, anticlockwise this time. Thank the quarters for their presence.

It is lovely to cast these works of wizardry for yourself. Free white magic spells are a gift to us all and are our birthright to perform. We each have the power inside us. Remember to record your workings, as your book of shadows spells are always very helpful to look up for future times.

So, any Spells for Beginners can be started this way and will help you towards any future needs you may have.


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/mysticism-articles/spells-for-beginners-1557084.html


Annabelle Wooldridge has been working on Spells for Beginners especially designed with helping beginners how to cast spells.

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