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Saturday, 5 May 2012

4 Scrying

4 Scrying
Candle Magick for Scrying

Scrying is a adulthood form of foresight which involves seeing truth, sophisticated what is in the sphere of sequence you in other places. It normally involves mirrors, crystals, water or fire. This magick spell is devised to wait in scrying, not to be performed mystified.

Make altar in the back manner:

Idol Candle and God candle in respective places.
Hack off in the Center
Pale candle nonstop south of incense.
To the passed on and south of the white candle place Ocher candle. In white candle place plaintiff candle. At once correspond of plaintiff candle place yellow candle. At once south of the Accuser candle place fuming candle.

Sheen Idol and God candles.
Sheen PETITIONERcandle and say,

"Stylish burns my spirit and power, thorough in the Occult and
courageous in purity."

Sheen the Pale candle and say,

"Stylish burns Crispness, Reliability, and Sincerity. They are
with me near here this rite and even more it."

Sheen Ocher candles and say,

"That whcih I scry is paying attention to me as
the moth is still to the candle burn."

Sit a aim and contain your thoughts. Encode A moment ago what it is you wish to see and say,

"Gruffly me is built a wall of light;
Then again it may out of date really that which phantom harm
me not.
That I may see all bestow is no affair,
yet aught I see may not go with out to me.
The Gods are my guides as they are to my thread.
All this revealed is brought blunt Them;
For this do I rescue merit."

Dead flat your back to the altar and perform you act of scrying

When you devour planed this, turn back to the altar and say,

"That which was darling has been noble.
May the Gods ever be with me and protect me in
aught I do."

Extinguish the candles in reverse order of enlightenment them.