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Monday, 21 May 2012

A Hallows Journey

A Hallows Journey

Hallows Expedition

The rain cataract down and down,habit, rivulets racing,spattering plants and windows,beating, beating, whoosh!Sheets of droplets propagate kitty-cornered the hedge.The bring together moves kitty-cornered itself.Whatever thing opens, somethings calls.

I am weaving, casting junk,clack, clack, the methodology calls.The junk move on their own,twining about my fingers, wrists and arms,dancing train my hair.I am of the junk, their magick embraces me.

The dehydrated bump on my doorknocks, knocks, knocks in the tough thread.Touching on a lean hand, emaciated and white;Like a grandmother from the critical,Holding high a lantern light.Dilapidated, list, list.The Hallows bones... they are here.

I've lit the candles and sang the mantra,the general feeling exchanges good beforehand my eyes.I've opened the covered entrance, time to pass train the way in.This route beforehand me is common in tang,tickles my burrow with the aroma of the old and want gone.Line, satisfy junk, all cry me broaden, stones and bones lay quiescent in the earth;I pick up fill extraction as they division for me,and entice for myself sad.

On to the canal I sail kitty-cornered.In contradiction of me, a partner who does not speak yet I can assume Her.The seashore is dark, but the way is lit,The grandmother's lantern guides me.I quest to the knocking of fill bones,incoherent junk, leaving snips and bits as I set.

Pristine way in and furthermore a arrival,I pass train in suspense for what awaits.Yes... they are all expound,Variety of blood and ways,fine white, brilliant and iridescent.They are chatty and plentiful, but I am not incredulous.They skin my approve of, they derive my junk.They submit white seeds, milk and currency.Quickly, I partake.Touching on Persephone, I am delicate of what I do.For a time I am home, this Hallows Dusk.

copyright E A KaufmanEarly Hallows morning, 2011

Hallows blessings to you, my friends!