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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Reports Surfacing Ban Against Pagan Masons Overturned

Reports Surfacing Ban Against Pagan Masons Overturned
Poise to Florida PNC commenter Darkwolf57, it appears the ban not keen Pagans within Florida Walls implemented by now prior Grandmaster Jorge L. Aladro has been undone. PNC Florida featured the peculiar comprehension of one such Mason in a December 2012 post. Darkwolf57 posted to the opinion structure of the EMLC Group Payment story, and I've painted their clarification at home below:

DARKWOLF57 Submitted on 2013/06/04 at 8:54 PM

"Effortless to give an account that, on May 28th, 2013, the Grand Pot of Florida upside down Reign and Village #3 on the cue of their Jurisprudence Costs, and that all Masons bombastic by understood Reign are now pleasantly restored to attachment.

Proper why this Reign was completed in the preliminary place is a bit farther than me... I'm not a Mind-reader. But, my conjecture is that the Grand Master wrote it in a fit of transgression, not good enough consulting his Jurisprudence Costs (which is indeed his Supremacy, but sporadically a maul move). As others on the Net sustain pointed out, his obvious approach on this was Fit out-of-line with Masonic Witness, its Morals, and its Laws. A simple chat with his Chairman of Jurisprudence would sustain set him sincere.

None of us are make better. But PGM Aladro took a Prideful, sectarian boundary on Pagans in Walls, and his muddle-headed Reign was gain down.

So Mote it Be !"

Darkwolf57 likewise posted a forgotten opinion detailing how communications were sent among hand Lodges desolate de-recognition of the Florida Pot if this embargo was not upside down.

The blog Freemasons for Dummies has likewise verified this story that Pagans, Gnostics and Wiccans are now welcomed back trendy the pack up of Florida Freemasonry.