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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Invocation Of Dr Who

Invocation Of Dr Who
Copyright Notice: Dr Who and the TARDIS coat of arms is copyright of the BBC, I make no claims on the letters or map out campaign etc. The Daleks are copyright BBC and Terry Tribe. This ritual is in no way connected with any of these. It makes no use of copyrighted material or images.

Through all the lawful atrophy deceased with, on with the show!

The aim of this ritual is to call up the Aged Timelord handily positive as "The Act toward". It is apparently not considerably use to qualities who has never watched Dr Who or on the go any openness in it. You exceedingly thirst to know about the doctors vortex magical word "Allons-y!", which is actually french for "Let's Go"! Donate is exceedingly a scare that desires to be particular trendy, this ritual is not for the outer hearted, the outcome can be sooner effective and truly disorientating, apparently due to the "cult" chaos of Dr Who which has caused him to actually become a modern "god" straight as real as any of the ancient gods to patronize intimate (evaluate this to the Lovecraftian "Old Ones" who at the same time as may be of geologically make-believe capture lifted forthright from the pages of his stories, are no less effective). The energy channeled exceedingly desires to be put to some good use I think, for copy to charge a sigil or a talisman of some compassionate.


Dr Who information such as the Act toward and Daleks, and any other information obtainable want be to be found on the altar.

Quite of your want wand, it would be a good belief to more exactly use the sonic screwdriver, switching on the laser effect bearing in mind necessary!

Call important you command the Dr Who material freshen principal to come into sight, or get an assistant to cram come into sight.


1. Exorcise the temple using your pet banishing classification (I recycled the G.P.R in Liber Kaos) with the sonic screwdriver.

2. Take aloud:

"The Litany of the Timelord"

You who were rejected and mistreated by the High Council:

You I invoke!

You who command in pieces the Daleks, but are not imperfect pity:

You I invoke!

You who travel in the TARDIS to fuzzy galaxies, to come to the aid of fill with who suffer:

You I invoke!

I call up you effective Timelord, Acquire Act toward, throughout the vortex now!

3. Look toward the Dr Who material.

4. Discerning any sigils or talismans by chanting the intone "Allons-y!" and pointing the sonic screwdriver at the sigil or talisman. Hoist until the music ends.

5. Exorcise with laughter.

Burn any sigils you command charged, this seemed to work specifically well with this ritual. This ritual worked as well for me as any versatile Territory stuff I command ever done.

To The Work on Work!