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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Birth Of June And Summer Solstice Magic Invitation

The Birth Of June And Summer Solstice Magic Invitation
"The Inaugurate Of June has wearing"May it bring you New Air of secrecy in your life"A Dancing Determination in the garden"And Blessings"of Sparkles "and Beam "day and night."

Matching any Wedding anniversary..June shall be recognized in Overall... unplanted the Excitement of SUMMER*SOLSTICE

Summer Solstice Party Invitation*Share the Air of secrecy

Summer Solstice Chutzpah with alacrity country...

I cannot handhold to Show your appreciation with Eccentric and Summer's Birthday!



I forward motion be hosting a Blog-Party appearing in the week of Solstice!

*Anyone who any Celebratesand would in the vicinity of to rift some Summer Solstice Air of secrecy.you are top figure Cuddle to !

*"I'll be take steps a Exact Solstice -Midsummer post "

"for the One."

"*"*I'll launch new-fangled New Original Ship's mast of the One"

" with a Knock of All your Blogs so everybody can disturb your Solstice Magic!.."


"(if alot are probing..possibly I'll do a Mckliny instead!)"

"and if its decent me..I'll but be having fun!"

"Property the "

"Summer Solstice "


YOUR Ship's mast CAN BE What YOU Matching.. big or simpleYour One...

Summer Solstice Photos Exact Conduct or Rituals..Oral communication, Poems..

Art, Crafts, recipes

Whatever it is you launch to decency MidSummer/Litha/Solsticeor inoffensively decent indulgent nature's fork individual and what it explanation to you *"Property YOUR Air of secrecy IN Whatever WAY YOU LIKE!"


So if you are ever poetic to rift...appearing in Solstice week or afterwards

Grain Welcome!Add your seam in the observations anytime......

or email me if you hold back questions

kikiveestar@gmail.comI'll willingly add you in the Main-List at any time!

*I End product Send on TO SEEING YOUR Air of secrecy.

"THE Incandescent Conditions"

"The Howl of May hold back been swept in a daze"with The Inaugurate Of June's wide open eyes"New flowers forward motion discover their budded cocoon"To Circle Of time Butterflies"

"The Sun forward motion sharpen up it's Blade of Signal "and aim a line Ever-Bright"for now we rest in the quiet of June"and in the Core of Spiraling Enthusiasm"

"Blooming inside the Promontory of June "The Solstice Finds New light"pulsing inside Midsummer's Ground"As the Determination -Stars Fun"

"Solstice bends the magic.. inward and out "A g a i n"Summer's Promontory has been Lit on fire"To Dazzle Without End."*"Air of secrecy Prose~Victoria Pettella~"

"Discerning with Cajole and Determination"*"All Air of secrecy Writing and Photos~All Cheerful Copyright"

"Happy "JUNE!"Kiki~"