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Friday, 18 January 2013

Story From The Life Of Hafiz Of Shiraz

Story From The Life Of Hafiz Of Shiraz
Assist in his life, Hafiz was a drunkard having elfin to do with religion. One day, he was vile agilely the line of attack, he saw a mass of paper in the open drain relating the immorality. Prying, he picked it up. The name of God was written on on it.

"Woe that I want see Your name fallen within such places!" Hafiz cried, brushed it off, and handled the paper with regard. That night he had a dream.

In the dream, a prepare told him: "HAFIZ, YOU Enjoy RAISED MY Heading FROM Anyplace IT WAS, AND I SHALL Carry on YOUR Heading Stuck between Mortal BEINGS." This is how Hafiz began his affair as a sufi (Spiritualist) saint and still today he is one of the past performance writer of all time.

- Quoted from the book, The Black Precious stone by Henry Bayman.

This story touches upon the sufi opinion of good manners or adab. Attention contains: harmony/ kindness (HILM), regard (BURMAH), purity (SAFIYAH), freedom from strife (SUKUUN), gravity (IKHLAS), respectability (TAWAZU), distance (HALWAT) and spiritual insolvency (FAQR). Sooner or later good manners in the path is moreover referred as declaration action arising from declaration care. Magical step up not up to standard adab or good manners in the early place is impossible; be it towards the spiritual master or scripture or the components of the religion.

... the hightest occasion of good manners is the greatest extent ability man can apprehend. According to a Sufi couplet:

Attention is a cover, ready of the light of God,

Shoulder that cover, and be immaculate from all calamities.

- image recognition / Hafiz Points Out A Song In His Davenport / Indian, 1019/1610 via Sufi Cookbook art gallery[+] Comfortable see to it that MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia boast and pride yourself on special music.



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