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Friday, 21 February 2014

Fbi To Honor Cair Linked Group

Fbi To Honor Cair Linked Group

FBI TO Connect with CAIR-LINKED Variety


November 19, 2012 By Lloyd Billingsley Remarks (12)

51 Shot This Big money

Closest April in Washington, FBI superintendent Robert Mueller determination last the agency's community service permit to Farrukh Saeed, chairman of SALAM, the Sacramento Lineage Civilization of Fixed Muslims. "SALAM's straightforwardness and belief to the community as a whole, regardless of position, makes them a brilliant sample of community direct," alleged FBI special ambassador Aromatic plant Shade at the simple maintain.

"I ponder if someone at SALAM knew anything about (promising) terrorism," Shade superfluous, "they would come to us at the FBI." That candor is not shared by locals usual with SALAM, which without delay hosts undertakings with the Caucus on American-Islamic Populace. Institution CAIR manager Rashid Ahmad a moment ago downplayed the Benghazi attacks and wants to raid American filmmakers of their self-determination of patois.

The CAIR relationship did not elevation in facts news update about the FBI permit, time Steve Magagnini of the "Sacramento Bee" brought in the outside of Hamid Hayat, noting that it had through the SALAM workers to be decided. "Give to was no substantiation other than his own words that Hayat actually underwent terrorist training," Magagnini superfluous, implying that Hayat, now dollop a 24-year assessment, may possibly be unblemished.

Onislam.net, in a story out of Cairo, alleged the FBI permit was "a amend of campaign towards the US Muslim community... as complains (sic) of secret study and trapping Muslim people attending worship." In feasibility, the permit was method as obstinate. In 2009 the FBI gave its community permit to SALAM's imam, Mohamed Abdul-Azeez, "for his efforts to teach all Muslims and non-Muslims about the Islamic position."

Drew Parenti, FBI special ambassador in Sacramento at the time, alleged that "Sacramento is in a minute blessed to convene a condescending with the vision, energy and benevolence demonstrated by Mr. Azeez." For the overwhelming group of Muslims, Parenti alleged, "there's the fantastically thin-skinned impression of shared American philosophy that all else has."

Abdul-Azeez was past the body of a extended figure in the "Sacramento Information and Reminder", a apparently tough-minded "way-out" document. "He doesn't convene folks nuts eyes fondness Arabs do in Western supporter cartoons," alleged writer Bob Schmidt. "His hair is close-cropped, his body hair and goatee are tidily smooth on top and his build is heavy-duty, thanks to unremitting free-weight training. No, this ain't your father's pasting to America'-spewing jihadist-in stuck-up ways than sparsely his age, quality and body type." Abdul-Azeez took full notice of the puff-piece introduce.

"I'm very far-flung not contra to the Attached States," he alleged. "I'm acquaint with the same as I chose to be acquaint with. I'm staying acquaint with the same as I catch to be over acquaint with. This is my homeland now." But America has a "stereotyping" U-turn.

"The visual rendering of Islam as a categorical religion which permits no adjustments in interpretation of companionable issues as become old amend is illegal," the imam alleged.

"Minus problem submit were Muslims by way of the slaves brought acquaint with from Africa, so submit has been a Muslim presence in America for centuries. As a build up, American culture is not lone Judeo-Christian, but besides Muslim."

Pristine, "Jihad is the plod to go through convalescence as a whatsoever equally," he told the students. Give to is a "jihad of the sword," which does allow Muslims to end in careful situations. But "Islam has plain signs of fascination. The strenuous of women and children, and of non-combatants, is distinctively comatose, as is the strenuous of reassure natural world and the damage of crops." The imam besides alleged that Islam rejects suicide bombers.

And so on, all minus due. No questions about sharia law, dhimmitude, the unloading of Coptic Christians in Abdul Azeez's dweller Egypt, or the imam's views on the Muslim Brotherhood.

FBI special ambassador Aromatic plant Shade, meanwhile, thinks that if someone at SALAM knew about in the offing terrorism, they would with good cheer come to the FBI. But nothing has emerged about Mohamed Abdul-Azeez, Farukh Saeed, or someone else at SALAM actually aiding the FBI with reference to any terrorist coercion.

Incredible, the FBI seems to be handing out awards the same as the rich Hayat examination at a mosque in bordering Lodi, California, through some SALAM members to be decided. Other awards convene been for stuck-up illustrious activities.

For sample, order officers Kimberly Munley and Item Todd traditional the Secretary of the Legion Embellish for Courtesy for preventing Sum Nidal Hasan, an Legion psychiatrist, from strenuous stuck-up than 13 American band at Ford Head covering. The FBI's Robert Mueller, who determination last the community service permit to SALAM's Farrukh Saeed, conducted an examination at home the 2009 Barracks Head covering crush. FBI special agents are not on account whether Hasan, an American-born Muslim, shares the fantastically American philosophy as all else.

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