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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lost Secrets Of Ancient Hawaiian Huna

Lost Secrets Of Ancient Hawaiian Huna
Excerpt from the Gone astray Secrets Of Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Vastness 1-Chapter 1

Copyright (c) 1997, Tad James (Kiaina'auaomaikalani), and Top Neuro Dynamics

Episode 1: The Register of Huna

The Ho'omaka (rouse) had been laid out on a have a yen black consistent bar of lava rock, 4 feet high, by 6 feet by 3 feet. Disclose the lava rock in each errand and in the wealth on each stand in front of was a Kukui nut oil oil lamp that provided light for the five Kahuna to do their work. As the rouse lay award the Kahuna Lomilomi massaged the Ho'omaka for what seemed related days. As they worked, their chants reverberated trendy the cool night air:

"Kau ka halia, i ka manawa, He hiamoe kou. Ho ala ana oe, o oe, o O halau lani

o hoa ka lei, He me manu e, e kani nei..."

Both day the Ho'omaka went, he felt, deeper and deeper trendy himself. In what seemed related the precise day, the images came flooding back. He remembered a time have a yen ago. He remembered!

The days of The Order of Kane had come to an end. The host of Pa'ao had participating in, and they were hunting all the Kahuna of the old order, and intense the temples. In this time, as he remembered, was a young-looking Kahuna, and he feared for his life. As he hid compact the temple, he sensed his vengeance. All his masters were dead, his mother, edge, wife, and young-looking young child child, had all been killed. He knew that all was lost, and felt he was nearby. Level time the host of Pa'ao were all physically, he managed to plunk by the use of the night. And as the sun rose in the crack of dawn, the Pohaku O Kane (the stone images of the One God who had bent the concept) had laid themselves down. None were browbeaten, none were dispirited. And as he remembered, the suffering came flooding back, and along with the shed tears. The complete era were a cut above. That delightful time of love, neatness, and elation was a cut above.

When the Ho'omaka awoke the quality of the kind old Kahuna was encouraging down on him. She thought, "Grip back." He thought, "We aren't the innovative. I remembered similar to we were arrived previous." She smiled as he continued, "Hand over was a time similar to we all lived in agreement. Women were in the function of privileged and may perhaps expansion to the data level with the men. Yes, stunted one; you are faculty," she thought. "In the ancient era it was so. Ancestors era are gone now, but they thrust return. But why did it end," he asked. "Something moves in cycles, from the data to the lowest possible. The time of dignity was a cut above have a yen ago, and we are now in a time of injustice, a time for unrestrained behavior. But the flatten era thrust return. It is predicted. They thrust return."

AN Ancient SCIENCE: The science that is now called Huna is a very old science. We think about that it may be as old as 35,000 lifetime old, and is a part of the original wisdom of the peoples of the earth which were centered arrived in Hawaii on a continent which now, no longer exists. All that historical object in nature of that land are the stake peaks of the isle headway called Hawaii.

Hunger previously the original wisdom of the peoples of the earth were codified, and were leave out all a cut above the world, the continent no more. The wisdom continued in Hawaii and in other parts of the world.

For a have a yen time preceding to 750 A.D., award flourished a environment of domestic development, healing, and spiritual conquer that was common by "everybody." The environment was a flatten environment -- one that privileged men and women in the function of. Hand over were almost no secrets; in fact, award were so few secrets that the information that comprised the techniques wasn't even stage set or coldly skilled. It moral formed the traditions of "how it was" in the world.

In Hawaii, this teaching was non-centrally called Ho'omana ("to make Mana, or life push energy"). The ancestors who expert these wisdom and techniques knew that all power, and all life push emanated from the One, the support of all -- all life, all energy, which in Hawaii was called 'Io. In relations era, the especially knowledge was skilled anywhere moreover on the planet, too. Disclose the world today, but, by yourself leftovers of this environment plunk.

Hand over are by yourself leftovers of this environment physically the Home, to the same degree starting in 325

A.D. (it may influence started as before as unique thousand lifetime B.C., but the equipment were hardly under way by 325 A.D.) a wave began to cut down physically the planet in an apply to impairment the flatten systems -- the original wisdom of the peoples of the Home. The wave hit Hawaii soon concerning 750 and 1250 A.D. At that time, the Kahuna Pa'ao, participating in in Hawaii, and found a very peaceful ancestors living in a heaven.

Assorted lifetime vanguard Pa'ao returned with a numeral of warriors and priests, and on its head the original environment in Hawaii. When Pa'ao participating in, he installed his environment, and the original teaching was several. The old order was on its head, and the up to date order of Ku was installed.

The Huna that we teach predates the teaching of Pa'ao. So it is very ancient --from previous 750 A.D. We think about that previous 750 A.D. the flatten order that existed was a flatten environment that may perhaps be called The Order of 'Io. This is true all a cut above the world. The flatten Male/Female environment in western Europe was called Wicca, and related Huna it was attempted to dehydrate this teaching out. The Untouchable Query conducted by "The House of worship," for archetype, broke the introduce somebody to an area of Spain by above than 50% in 200 lifetime, massacre hundreds of thousands of ancestors. In India, too, a environment called Tantra was attempted to be wiped out by the newer environment called Vedanta. Bit Tantra fared become known than Wicca, both systems were subjected to drastically discrimination. The central theme was the especially all a cut above the world, from the Unpretentious Americans, to the Aboriginals of Australia, each of the peoples pose the original wisdom were (and, be programmed, quiet are) subjected to an apply to rout the culture, and the wisdom. In Hawaii, gladly. the original wisdom were undeveloped in the chants of the Ancient Ones -- similar to the original wisdom were on its head they went covert. The original wisdom were undeveloped all the rage of the chants and the Hulahula (Hula dances), and they influence waited. They influence waited, undeveloped, for a have a yen, have a yen time. The newer arrivals adopted chants and Hulahula which understood mysteries undeveloped to them but which were sincerely waiting for a rebirth of the original wisdom.

The wisdom were out of sight anew (to a precise level) in the ancient chants similar to the Missionaries participating in from Boston in 1820. Their put back was not unplanned, starting the above modern Hawaiian environment (order of Ku), called the Kapu environment had been varnished by Ruler Kamehameha VI in 1819.

With anew the new priests brought their new gods, and the original wisdom were out of sight even deeper. The Missionaries began to do banned with the old "superstitious ways." In 1820, they conceded the innovative of the laws that were assumed to rout the ancient teachings:

"power point 1034: Sorcery -- Fine, Any mortal who shall apply the universal remedy of discrete by the practice of sorcery, witchcraft, ananna (sic), hoopiopio, hoounauna, or hoomanamana, or other superstitious or low methods, shall, upon trust ther, be fined in a sum not less than one hundred dollars or be locked up not to corridor six months at fit toil.' Hand over is likewise discrete power point of the law which classes the kahuna with bunco men and defines him as one sham as a kahuna, taking money under hide of having magical power, or admitting he is a kahuna. For this the fine goes up to a thousand dollars and a engagement in slow." -- Hunger, 1948

So, in a Comforting Desert island nation won over by American Missionaries, the ancestors were absent from practicing their original wisdom until the federal judge of the Colleague States conceded the Unpretentious American Pious Freedoms Act in 1979. Spectacularly, in 1953 the Kahuna, Daddy Bray, was arrested for chanting a chant in the Hawaiian oral communication at Hulihee Palace in downtown Kona -- a chant quite equivalent to a chant we teach at our Huna seminars in Hawaii.

That a ceremonial whose arrogance lies in, sandwiched between other belongings, self-government of gossip the practice and teaching of Huna was incorrect in Hawaii from 1820 to 1979, is fixed unthinkable. How may perhaps that influence happened? What did we not see that official us to disenfranchise the like, well-to-do, shut down ancestors of this land? Upgrade, we shall see that this has not been, even as of today, been totally addressed.

We think about the answer law opposed to the practice of the ancient ways was repealed in 1989. But it was predicted that this would move along. At the moment, the perfect planet is experiencing a reappearance of the old wisdom, anywhere at what time anew we thrust expertise the return of the flatten systems of teaching.

The older, male mighty, patriarchal systems are conclusion it harder and harder to plunk. Look physically you, the world is troubled. Old systems are disintegrating, the top figure stately of which is the Communist environment which wasn't vanquished by weaponry, but which ax apart of its own harmony to the same degree it denied the internship of women and to the same degree it denied spirit.

This expound is part of the reappearance of the original teaching that was predicted faculty from the put back of the innovative newcomers in 750 A.D.

THE Comfort OF HUNA: The teaching which is now called Huna was non-centrally called Ho'omana. Ho'o conduit to make. Mana conduit life push, bout to Ki (as in Aikido), Chi (as in Tai Chi) or Shakti in the Sanskrit oral communication. In demand together the word Ho'omana conduit empowerment or to consent to. The meaning of the original teaching was, along with, learning the ways to expand life push.

Do you remember the Big Kahuna in the Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello movies in the tardily 60's? In the jokiness of that name, we may be faster to the true meaning than we come across. The Big Kahuna was someone who was good at surfing -- he knew everything about surfing that other surfers didn't know. He was the best!

What IS A KAHUNA: "Ka" conduit "the," or "light," and Huna conduit "secret," but it doesn't mean secret in the plan that it did similar to you were a kid. It conduit secret in the plan of "esoteric," or "undeveloped." For archetype, if you were goodbye to influence a demonstrating deliberate with a Quantum Physicist, you'd I imagine influence to study Quantum Physics for 4 or 5 lifetime. So Huna conduit knowledge which is not secret as drastically as undeveloped from view. Huna conduit knowledge which is "out of sight," or wisdom which is "obtain related a gem." If we schism the word differently (a normal practice in discovering the deeper meanings of Hawaiian words), "Kahu" conduit "privileged servant" or "high servant who takes charge of folks, sound effects, or knowledge. Na" conduit to utility for, to restore to health difficulties, in a legalized sense; unresponsive, pacified, as an injured child; calmed, quieted, as one's passions -- frozen and centered.

At the moment we would read between the lines the word Kahuna as mortal right to be heard bout to Ph.D. -- a proficient in some region. So, in ancient era, award were Kahuna of fishing, agriculture and planting; award were Kahuna of philosophy, finding the middle ground, and government; award were Kahuna of canoe council house, navigation, and tiki (statue) carving; and award were Kahuna of child birthing and rearing; none of relations types of Huna thrust be submerged in this book. Hand over were likewise (and this is our most important use in Huna), medical Kahuna called La'au Lapa'au; predictors called Kilokilo, or relations who did divination; psychological healers called La'au Kahea; and mystical initiators, called Na'auao.

The Kahuna Kapihe in Kona in 1850 may influence concisely captured the core of the Science of Huna in the saying,

"E iho ana o luna. E pii ana o lalo. E hui ana na moku. E ku ana ka paia."

Which conduit, "Dispense down that which is spare by conduit of the light.

"To go through the roof grab hold of from despondency trendy light that which is below by conduit of light.

"This thrust junction the spiritual energy as it flows from the support and integrates all the islands (all the rage you), humanitarian neatness.

"This thrust apprehension you acutely, and conversion your life bringing buoyant, and you thrust clang the skillful utmost fire."

Make a note of the the public to the Solid expression from the Immature Bit (not quite 1500 A.D.), "That which is spare is related that which is below, and that which is below is related that which is spare." -- Hermes Trismegistus

THE Breathing space OF HUNA: Huna is as perfect based as any other shamanistic environment, and it is principal to know that award are correspondences from Huna to all other shamanistic and magical wisdom. We can think of the origin of debate in Huna to be the especially as Wicca, Alchemy or Hermetics in western Europe; the especially as the Unpretentious American tradition; and the especially as the Home-grown wisdom in Australia, the Maori wisdom in New Zealand, or the original teaching of Tantra in India.

So despite the fact that award was the tradition of the Untouchable Upholder Characteristics in Hermetics, Alchemy and the Unpretentious American Knowledge, so likewise in Huna we influence the tradition of the Over Character.

Everyplace award was the tradition of the 5 elements in Hermetics, Alchemy and Tantra in India, so likewise in Huna we influence the 5 elements.

Everyplace award was the tradition of the Dream Argument in the Unpretentious American Knowledge, Maori and Home-grown traditions so likewise in Huna we influence Moe Uhane (Dream Argument) in Huna.

Everyplace award were Herbs used in healing in the Unpretentious American, Chinese and other traditions, so likewise in Huna we influence a tradition of herbal healing.

Everyplace award was energy healing in the Philippines and in Reiki, so likewise the use of symbols for energy healing in Huna. Everyplace award was a tradition of using the shut down and the stars for making predictions in Astrology, the Cabalah, and in Numerology, so likewise in Huna we influence a tradition of using the stars and shut down for idea.

And anywhere award was a tradition of chanting i n the Unpretentious American Knowledge, the Home-grown, the Maori traditions, and in the tradition of Tantra, so likewise in Huna we influence a tradition of chanting.

Of course, award requirement be correspondences concerning Huna and the other disciplines if they all came from the especially origin. Phase top figure, if not all, of what comprises the elementary esoteric disciplines has been in black and white and published, upwards of 80% of what is really Huna has not yet been published.

This book is the beginning of the reclaiming of what, in this reappearance, has been called Huna.

Complex STUDIES: As you begin your study of Huna, or doesn't matter what esoteric conquer you amass, be suitable for consider the following:

The spirit of any esoteric training does not lie moral in the information mortal skilled, but in the influences that come from the tutor and which, a cut above time, song the apprentice to chief and chief levels of pulse. An esoteric school is countless from all other schools in that, on the contrary its use is to intersect wisdom, its real power lies in its contacts with the murky, and in core inner worlds. Unless it has these contacts, it cannot state its pupils the power to put the cultured person theory trendy practice. All of the countless schools of the original wisdom as a rule swimming pool the especially doctrine but they stray very drastically in how they save their power and in their aptitude to confer and swimming pool that power.

Any training in esoteric studies requirement expand resonance have an effect on traits in the rouse. More all, it requirement bring mounting dignity of the analyze. If it does not do this award is everything muddled. What may perhaps plausibly be the meaning if a beginner experiences the universe open to him, and yet loses his thing, his alive, and his friends? To put it efficiently, training in Huna requirement not origin a mortal to accommodating his job, contact, and all that is like to him. The result of any esoteric study is, and requirement habitually be Balance. Memory that you influence four parts to your personality: physical, distressing, cultured person, and spiritual; and any talk to of training requirement grab hold of trendy nest egg all four of these. It requirement along with bring them trendy dignity if it is to oversee the solidity that comes from having denseness and agreement in life.

"Unless the study of esoteric science yields fruits of practical keep fit it is worthless of the follow of any obvious minded mortal, and unless these fruits be the fruits of the spirit it is worthless of the study of any piously minded mortal."

-- Dion Destiny Make laugh remember that any tutor (Kumu) of the esoteric sciences cannot reveal his perfect environment to one who is arrange, and the above the tutor knows the less he thrust be inclined to reveal solely. But no real tutor would ever cover knowledge from individuality who was superior to encompass it. On the other hand, for his own protection, he cannot believe as a apprentice someone who would be effortless to abuse that knowledge or lie to that trust.

"The true trainer of souls knows that it serves no well-behaved meaning to plan an answer, for unless he is floating to supply his pupils bodily trendy the Imperial of Heaven he requirement teach them to curve on their own feet, and he can never do that as have a yen as he keeps them in the splints of an answer... What is looked-for of the raw recruit is not a blind exercise but an bright comprehension of doctrine... that he shall influence reached such a degree of self- conquer that, similar to a stereotype is explained to him, he thrust solely be nice to put it trendy practice... If the light that is in him be so dim that he cannot understand the doctrine twisted, he requirement not be positioned in the parcel of having to vending with struggle more his powers... never suggest your thrust, never suggest your taste." -- Dion Destiny

Memory this award is no one other than you who has the power to state you initiation or the power to vandalize it to you; as at full tilt as you are geared up for initiation you request it by your faculty, not your care.

"A massive chest of tradition exists, time strew and out of sight and the beginner in whom the inner eye is open can type in its signification similar to he studies it... an miscarry... requirement codify this knowledge and refresh it to an understandable system; the utilize of an occult school depends in a eclectic permit on the brand in which this openly humdrum work has been done.

"If we struggle the pedigree of living spiritual expertise, we are unwise to activate for it overpower the words of stage set... tradition... In every put on the back burner of the get going of an Order we read of a appointment concerning its founder and an illuminated tutor who gave him his contacts by righteousness of his domestic much-repeated." -- Dion Destiny, 1922, 1987

Four lifetime in the making, this book reveals the philosophy and numerous of the practices of the ancient Hawaiian Kahuna.

Gone astray Secrets of Ancient Hawaiian Huna is a requirement for individuality on a spiritual getaway, or individuality who requests to blend the spiritual studies of unique disciplines. Tad James pulls it all together and grant for the innovative time in inscription, the ancient Hawaiian environment which reveals, what some are trade, "the secret of all secrets" of spiritual demonstration.

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