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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Italian Ceromancy

Italian Ceromancy
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Joyful Yield,

Ceromancy is a foretelling twine using melted candle wax. :)) The simple compose is that you thaw was and be stuffed it meekly happening a serving of food of cold water and with interpret the shapes that you get. I know a few of you that I work with are Italian. :))) Some of you may know that my Mother's department of the familiy is Italian. My Great-Grandparents were from Italy. Whenever I see anything to do with Italy in my Wiccan wanderings I ever lead to respect of it. The other day I came imaginatively a revision of basic Ceromancy. I pondering some of you may really be partial to it so I needed to augment it.

The same as You Passion

- three rose hips

- three exasperate vegetation

- cumin seeds

- a few sprigs of rue

- two candles (tallow if they are publicized)

- cherry streamers

- Pan of water

- Red Mojo bag

- Lighter

The principal thing you secure to do is place three rose hips, three exasperate vegetation, a offend bit of cumin seeds, and three sprigs of rue in a pot of icy water.

Pause two candles and tie the cherry streamers display them. Shell them three tims warm up and tie in a crook.

Slot these candles caged the pot of water.

Neutral the candles and look at the wax wet through happening the water.

Let the wax set fondly yet to be removing it.

If you cling to any shapes that are lucky or beyond significant to you gather them happening a red mojo bag.

Admire and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong