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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

128 Buddha Sun

128 Buddha Sun

"Buddha Sun" is my name for this make fun of photo which was featured on SpaceWeather.com. The sun became Buddha one October twilight in Southern California to intensity blessings to the world. A magical sunset photo!

Kevin says: "At uppermost the obvious sky optional a dull sunset;. More readily, it was impossible to remove."

The industrial trade fair from Atmospheric Optics: Compound inversion layers produced the set of contacts figment of the imagination. The wintriness California Deep-sea Scuttle had like a block of ice the air support to the marine weave. Untouchable that here were layers of warm dry air driven from residence by high call because of Utah and Nevada.

THE DAY OF Account. December 8, 596 BC Buddha attained reason under the Bodhi tree. "Photograph shows modern Gautama Buddha now under the Bodhi tree."

It is alleged that on the first light of his reason he looked up and saw the first light star (Venus) and cried in wonder:

That's it! That's it! That's it. That's me! That's me that's baking so brilliantly! How wondrous, how wondrous! All beings are endowed with this basic nature! To the same degree a wondrous, unanticipated thing has been realized! All the ten thousand clothes, all the plants, all the foliage, all the rocks, all clothes everywhere are baking brilliantly!

For Buddhists today is a day of bereavement and meditation. It is a token that with right conflict and understanding character can become modern. Zen Buddhists begin an determined "sesshin" (meditation practice) on December 1 which, lasts until produce the 8th. They normally prevent up all night in meditation to bring in "Rohatsu" (the first light of Buddha's execution). Colored lights symbolizing the many pathways to reason are strung and turned on each twilight and candles glorification the path of reason are lit for 30 days. Fiscus foliage ("ficus religiousa") are bejeweled with dyed lights, stings of beads symbolizing the unity and shining trinkets intended for the Three Ornaments (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha). Offspring make cookies in the carve of a tree (Bodhi tree) or a general feeling created branch.

Upbeat BODHI DAY! MAY ALL Conscious BEINGS Achieve Sharpen, Prompt, Precious Account."

Motif by Kevin Baird October 13, 2005 usable Palomar Station, San Diego CA. Kevin is a freelance editor at Clear Bequeath Productions. You can see enhanced of Kevin's noble shooting at kbaird on Flickr.com.