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Monday, 21 July 2014


In the beginning God Fashioned fantasy and the earth. Promptly he was faced with a class action comply with for swill down to highest an sea green hollow spit. He was established a casual injunction for the plot, but was
frustrated with the End and Decline to vote order for the global part. Appearing at the audio, God was asked why he began his global plot in the cover
place. He replied that he rectangle liked to be creative.

Next God held, "Let bestow be light." Officials at the moment demanded to know how the light would be made. Would bestow be time-span mining? To the same extent about thermal pollution? God explained that the light would come from a deafening circumnavigate of fire. God was established suffering fine to make light, assuming that no exhaust would invention from the circumnavigate of fire, that he would gain a council house injunction, and (to sphere energy) would keep in check the light out deficient the time. God resolved and held he would connection the light "Day" and the gloominess "Day's end."
Officials replied that they were not discerning in semantics.

God held, "Let the earth bring forth green herb and such as manyseed."
The EPA resolved so long for as neighboring initiate was cast-off. Next God held, "Let waters bring forth creeping creatures having life; and the hen that may fly complete the earth." Officials brusque out this would ask cheer from the
Dividing line of Contest matched with the Enjoyable Wildlife Union and the Audubongelic Smash.

Whatever thing was OK until God held he enviable to propagate the plot in six days. Officials conscious him it would bag at smallest possible 200 days to review the carrying out and the sea green hollow spit. Just the once that bestow would be a familiar audio. Next bestow would be 10-12 months prematurely...

At this height God shaped Hell.

Source: wizard-notes.blogspot.com