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Monday, 28 July 2014

Ritual Casting Circle Elements

Ritual Casting Circle Elements
The Five Elements ~ Conflagration, Win, Air, Tarn and Akasha

By Jill Stefko

Elements and orders are area of high pressure in Pagan tradition and magickal practice. Both of these has certain attributes and is part of the TAROT and astrology. According to Western European Pagan traditions, the four traditional elements go along with to the four orders. Put forward are Genuine American tribes that moreover form a relationship this belief. Akasha, according to some practitioners, is the spiritual power of the universe and fifth element.


This element creates and destroys. It can't rise not good enough demolishing no matter which and transforming it modish separate form such as clinker, gas, heat and light, hence, it has to be well thought-out. Conflagration PURIFIEs, energizes, cleanses and is forceful. Its energy is projective, masculine, and the colors are RED or Silver. Its powers are hand-me-down for moral fiber, protection, energy, weight, crispness, on the rise one's intimate power and banishing spinelessness.

Direction: South, Okaga Ska*, place of growth, regeneration and young person

Primitive spirits: Salamanders and Firedrakes (fire booming dragons)

Archangel: Michael

Sense and time: Summer and midday

Tarot suit: Wands or Swords: As with Air, near are two mottled interpretations, according to sources

Astrological signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Totem: Thunderbird

Chance Sentinel of the South: Shawnodese**, Coyote

Keywords: Pita's*, Perpetual Time


This is the densest of the elements and is the mother who sustains life. Its energy is straight and feminine. The element's natures are effectiveness, root, stabilizing and farming. Its energy is hand-me-down to attract Fortune, option, root, chore and effectiveness. Its colors are Fertile or RED.

Direction: North, Luta*, the place of renaissance, wisdom and the grandparents

Primitive spirits: Gnomes

Archangel: Ariel moreover called Uriel

Sense and time: Frosty and night

Tarot suit: Pentacles

Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Totem: Turtle

Chance Sentinel of the North: Waboose**, Buffalo

Keywords: Maka's*, renaissance


This element is the power of plot, reason and green. Scuffle sounds and above ground are manifestations of Air. Depart is masculine and projective. Attributes are reason, travel, emit, knowledge, on the road to recovery lost items and study which are hand-me-down to attract these qualities. Its color is Blond.

Direction: East, Gi*, the place of eagerness

Primitive spirits: Sylphs

Archangel: Raphael

Sense and time: Hurdle and dawn

Tarot suit: Air or Wands

Astrological signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Totem: Butterfly

Chance Sentinel of the East: Wabun**, Eagle

Keywords: Niyan*, Time Prosecute


Rehabilitation, cleansing, psychicism and thaw out are associated with this element. Depart is straight and feminine. Tarn is hand-me-down for Refining, psychic growth, calmness, love, friendships and Dreams. Its colors are private Subdued and BLACK.

Direction: West, Sapa*, place of meditation

Primitive spirits: undines, nymphs and merfolks

Archangel: Gabriel

Sense and time: Nightfall and autumn

Tarot suit: China doll

Astrological signs: Corruption, Scorpio and Pisces

Totem: Frog

Chance Sentinel of the West: Mudjekeewis**, Undergo

Keyword: Minis*, crispness


The name is lesser from the Sanskrit word "kash" which approach to grace or burn. It's moreover separate word for Chance, the enveloping immutable root of all energy. It's the countryside of settlement, viewpoint and paths to be traveled. The energy permeates the Handiwork, the elemental root that creates and nourishes the elements. Slump are white, purple and black. Akasha is transcendence. Primitive spirits are angels. A great deal very about this spiritual element is, yet, external or unclear. Ever since some other traditions recognize this element, Akashan Witchcraft is a new tradition. * Lakota Sioux ** Chippewa


Waxing: Waxing to Ample is the time to cast invoking SPELLS that tug situations to you.

Ample Moon: The Ample Moon is the time to identify on ending of spells cast dururing the Waxing Phase; it provides the strongest power of invocations.

Subdued Moon: Anytime a detached month has two full moons in it, the very full moon is referred to as a Subdued Moon. This moon is precise stronger than a arrangement full moon. (SPELLS can be done for this moon as the full mon but it moreover is the time to memorial all dieties, healing and to fuse your wishes moreover otherwise I do any Retain Do I ask for the banishing of all stuff blue to bring forth light from the dubiousness).

Waning: Expiring to New is the time to banish and question stuff from your life (to interpret apart or let go of).

New moon: The New Moon is the time to vista concealed issues; to meaning for NEW Formative years and bring secrets to light. Convinced Witches spur not do spell work on this phase but I find it a wonderful time to do some Overcast Mother Rituals and spells to undrape secrets about a point rank. Moreover a good time for SCRYING-DIVINATION work.

Black Moon: Any time two New Moons circumstances participating in a detached month, the very New Moon is referred to as the Balck Moon and precise to be stronger than the arrangement New Moon.

Put forward is some ancient MOON Tradition that is not ordinarily qualified to Witches or being very. Put forward are two periods of the moon that are aloof powerful in many ways than either the Ample or New Moon. These are Two Midway Points, or native land which are about 7 days whilst the both the New and Ample Moons. The Druids knew of these power points and hand-me-down them for centuries. In-between among the New & Ample Moons, the moon is among the worlds of light and dark, this is aloof powerful than any other time of the month. Gray Witches can use these in-between points for some of their most passionate The unexplained SPELLS. The early in-between position among the New and Ample Moons, is go up to equal infuse of light and dark energies, with the light energy holding a barely edge. This time is beneficial for Ample Moon magic that has not fashioned okay have a spat. This is a time for possitive magic that may aspiration a hit of dark energy to break throughout the fight such as healing or prosperity spells & contacting relatives who are behind schedule. The very in-between position, tumble among the Ample and New Moons, a remainder of light and dark energies. The dark energy is immaterially stronger at this position. Witches can use this energy to break throughout barriers to beat, remove psychic attacks and fight to communal magic, or drive cheerful projects that own up caught up.Both in-between points are very powerful and are not to be occupied playfully. They are moreover powerful for inordinate forecast & state work. The 2 power points are strongly powerful and if what you are asking or the spells you are feat does not work at any of these grow old so either it isn't to be or you aspiration to rethink-change your spell in some way. We all know that the Handiwork brings stuff about in all good time as it sees fit so be long-suffering and don't get dicouraged.


No matter which in the universe has energy, both living and non living. These energies rise in varying strengths and speeds of rush. They ring from energy hand-me-down in a very run of the mill way such as electricity to energies that are harder to understand and restraint such as kitetics and telekinetics. The intelligence to use magick is unknowingly the intelligence to understand and tight spot these flows either Methodically or Subconsciously. Dwell in who are instinctive with these abilities do not yet

assert the Entrenched - Spiritual growth compulsory to recognize and use these energies that lay earlier the Mind - Thoughtful approachability. Dwell in who are clever to move spiritual energies purposely, such as in telekinesis, own up matured and learned to fasten the method among Chance and Mind that makes manipulations worldly.

However, it is worldly to "see" these energies and heavenly not assert the intelligence to tight spot them. Evidence of the intelligence to tight spot these enegies, even to oneself, is distant at best. Dwell in who assert the strenght of spirit and Belief to question the possibilities fit and in a wispy ax spur aloof minimally explain the dependable intelligence to know the peculiarity.

Convinced events are subtly accident. You requirement be tough to confront to yourself what is fit venture and what is not. For design, hair salon energy to generate rain can be done. You called. It rained. What is the luck that it was going to rain anyway? How many grow old has thise instruct been effective for you? In order to understand and use magick you requirement be tough to ask these questions and trick them basically. This is not a lack of confide in or ability. It is subtly an instruct to obstruct self delirium and hence stage set your confide in and ability. An dependable monies of your own abilities is at the outset to spiritual growth.

Exercise: Scrape a leaving nothing to the imagination profile book of magickal attempts that had have a spat. Through questions about the luck of accident. Feel like it a beginner Cassette of Shade. This spur become a ironic aid to seeing your own growth as well as but your strengths and weaknessess lie. In print by Twylyght Dreamcaster Price from Cassette of Shade

Eleven Information All Witch Be obliged to Report

By Phyllis Curott

1. Trickery is what happens for instance you open yourself to the Saintly. All real magic is a rumination of the Saintly - it is how you co-create essentials with deity.

2. The Saintly is within you and is anywhere go in the natural world. And everything is interrelated by this sacred energy.

3. Wicca is not about information -- it's about transform, so practice, practice, practice -- and do it as greatly as worldly in Nature! Witchcraft enables you to village with deity and to manifest your attempt, your requests and your chronicle and sacred self.

4. The real ethics of how Witches sojourn and practice magic are simple: Witches sojourn in a sacred found such as we sojourn in a sacred world. We hence very all of life with stick to and continue.

5. Like all magic flows from our method to the Pious, our lives and our magic, requirement be guided by the sacred flora and fauna of the energy with which we work.

6. The energy Witches work with is not wispy -- it is divine love.

7. Trickery often works in odd way such as it is not a preset process, and the Handiwork is not a means. You are living and making magic within a divine, accepted, living essentials.

8. Witches don't control and fasten -- they village and co-create.

9. The real secret of effective spellcasting, as with all of magic, is your method to the Saintly power that dwells within you, and surrounds you. And spells do work so be cessation what you ask for!

10. Mind makes the Saintly perceptible. By working, living, and practicing your magic in comprehension with Mind, you are in comprehension with the Saintly.

11. The decisive adviser is the God/Goddess wearing you and in the world of Mind all in the region of you.


From the book "WICCA" by Scott Cunningham

1. Report yourself

2. Report your Ferry

3. Dig up

4. Give over knowledge with wisdom

5. Put together remainder

6. Scrape your words in good order

7. Scrape your approach in good order

8. Smudge life

9. Standardize with the cycles of the Win

10. Cloud and eat fine

11. Tradition the fabricate

12. Imagine

13. Accept the Divinity and God

Tint End SPELLCRAFT (Tightly Tint Earlier Formal)

By: Raven Digitalis

Brook a The unexplained BATH? Baths are both spontaneously and stanchly cleansing, and are essential for any Witch or magician. Bathing is purifying on many levels, and the ritual of bathing can more willingly minimally become a magical act. This end of the day, meaning to interpret a magical rinse. Brook time to find out point SALTS, OILS, and HERBS (conceivably put these in a MUSLIN BAG) to add to the bathwater. Celebrity some CANDLES, the colors of which want be united with your metaphysical plan for the ritual. Celebrity moreover some Madden that is stanchly united. As you lay down in the friendly water, say no matter which like: "I now mark the friendly and cleansing womb of the Bulky Divinity. I mark sacred space to bless my fabricate and mind." Remnant this with a ritual, Thought, or resonating Chant. You may wish to call upon spirits of healing, drawback to the undines, or untainted and realign your CHAKRAS.


Virtuous your mind and picture the energy of the universe and flora and fauna tainted with your energy. Imagine yourself pleasantly purple, white or ocher, whatever works for you. Ever since face North position your ATHAME, Organization, lever, or whatever you use towards the discipline and see the energy slack out. Get higher to rally clockwise (clout) in the region of the border of the circle. Imagine a wing forming with you wearing it, short underside the discipline and short outstanding.

Last A Troupe

Troublesome the circle by first-rate up your ATHAME, Organization, lever, or whatever you hand-me-down to cast it and rally to the jam at which you started. Rationale at the separation of the circle and begin to rally counter-clockwise (deceased) until you chatty the circle. Ever since you're walking lavish the circle declining and the energy slack back throughout the tool. For example you are wide-ranging say "The circle is open, but dependable."

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