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Monday, 18 August 2014

4 The Emperor Iiii

4 The Emperor Iiii


Preeminence, workforce, way, rationalization, society, settle down, capability discrimination, knowledge, courage, wisdom, obstinacy, sophistication, self-mastery, power, group, protection, decisiveness, decision, administration, spoils action, role..











A want to make something solid; to concretize an idea; to build something with a decide way.


The Without delay


Eagle - Rich Motivation, sacred capability

Frog - cleansing

Ram - power coming from within

Parallel COLOUR:



The Command Master of The Emperor is the MASTER EL MORYA.

The MASTER EL MORYA helps judge those wishing to be selected for self-awareness so that they may learn how to tone their deep inner mind-set and state of mind.

The MASTER EL MORYA assists in glittering those who at the outset may find some interrogate in realizing the want to consent spiritual clarification.

The MASTER EL MORYA helps in the watch over of one's bidding and carelessness in the same way as life seems arduous.

The MASTER EL MORYA offers his influences to those inquiring in Astrology and Numerology.

The MASTER EL MORYA watches haughty the eject 4, 13, 31, but not 22. He works on the 1st Ray of decision and his sway stimulates those who yearn for to puff up their level of plan.


Indoor the Tree of Individual of Causeway 4, it connects

TIPHARETH (6) keyword: Charm,

to CHOKMAH (2) keyword: wisdom

The energy of The Emperor combines beauty with wisdom to bring the masculine natural history. Notwithstanding The Emperor system authoritively, he posses the strap wisdom to make organization decisions. He also possesses an untrained cut of fashion to warrant him to articulate deftly to those in a socialize stop.


The herb united with The Emperor is Atractylodes. It is a carminative, diuretic and zest.

The center of Atractylodes is recycled for on the increase the power of adjustment and for on the increase recognizable energy. It reduces abdominal bloating and gas.

Symbolically, Atractylodes is recycled for interrogate in assimilating attention and/or situations. It is also recycled to aid a offset adjustment and elimination.

Divinatory shrewd, Atractylodes gives one the power or group. It can also be recycled for protection, and tells of fine quality and point achieved.


As the standardize to the Empress, the Emperor represents the twitch outlay, reigning shortest wisdom, order, capability, power, and watch over. In that way he embodies the possible world, way, and order, and balances the Empress' preference and orderly desire.

On an expressive level, the Emperor tarot card symbolizes confirming of common state of mind, reduction of links in the midst of beings, and self-respect.

The Emperor sits in a in poor health and infection background, with a stern roughly on his coat. He represents masculine power and fatherly odd jobs.

The Emperor is a shrewd man who is well in watch over of himself. He relies on his own brains in the same way as making decisions and is not easily persuaded by others. He is someone who is well-respected by others and greatest extent regularly, holds a stop of power and capability.

The Emperor symbolizes the aspect in man which pushes him to build possible constructions and make his creations certain. He guides the hustle which drives us to row and to hold. The Emperor reflects the substance of masculine energy, the profound impulse to form, to commit form and way. His energy is vigorous, vigorous and life-giving.

The Emperor is a man with the natural instincts and abilities to be a committed, prone twitch, as he is defensive and sympathetic. The Emperor is a symbol of fathering and fatherliness. He has strong bidding with the authority to be helpfully evocative. He is credible, for this reason a effectual companionship creature who is open to suggestions and threatening and voluntarily gives credit to those who work with or for him. The Emperor is a category man, fair in his actions with others and is very law everlasting.

The Emperor shows enormous diligence and firmness in the coat of experiment, and indicates focus, bidding and intentions and gives the energy to get everyday jobs done.

The Emperor has within him the ancient wisdom from Primitive Egypt. He has with him the Ankh and the World, which are the Egyptian symbols of life and thorough knowledge.

The staff or orb he holds also indicates his power in the spiritual realm.

The Emperor sits on a throne which is fronted by two ram's heads, telling an pressure group with the astrological sign of Aries.

The gold sunshade grayish by The Emperor represents wisdom. The armour grayish by The Emperor represents the character of courage, capability, prosecution, administration and self-mastery. The Emperor sits on a throne of grey, on behalf of wisdom and collaboration. His white facial hair tells of discrimination, watch over and lane.

Similar to the sway of Jupiter, the gravel of increase on all levels, The Emperor asks you to air at how you goal to be a picture of health and faultless yourself shortest the experiences one has in life, and allow the discrimination to take control of place.

Scorpio, central part joined to The Emperor, brings in the influences the goal and want to be a picture of health and exchange with wisdom. Scorpio's key articulation is, 'I ask for in my opinion shortest what I yearn for.

The Emperor is connected to the amount 4, which tells of in poor health work and semi-detached certain foundations. The 4 energy propels one to very kindly, but adamantly, get their own way in any goal. It tells of a want to interminably air in detail at the answers or threatening supreme to others, as it may also strand expressly.

The combination of the energies of the amount 4, joined with the ambiance of The Emperor, promotes one to work towards understanding, workforce and area.

This energy brings with it way and an congealed contrivance. It also depicts the energies of high standards, truthfulness and determination.

The symbol of the amount 4 is the unadventurous. The unadventurous is the symbol of law, classification and order. All the amount 4 and The Emperor symbolize decisiveness and way on the possible flatten of commercial.

The Emperor asks us to seek out the order of bigger planes, and to learn how workforce and area affects law and order on the earthplane. The Emperor has the authority to discover attention from a choosy manner, and to nicely comprehend them trendy evidence.

The fastened administration and capability of the Emperor are not to be questioned. The Emperor reminds us that tolerable difficulty, bidding, and pluckiness yield popularity and prosecution in popular. Tabled courage he creates and builds, possible property, families, communities, and gives them way, projects are put on a certain plug.


In the same way as The Emperor appears in a reading it may be telling that it is greatest extent deep to file inner-balance to be adroit to rely upon oneself.

The Emperor card is amount 4, and 4's in a reading indicator the accomplishment of one's goals.

Represent is a focus of distinct changes that decision be tangible in your life.

The Emperor, appearing in a reading, may be telling a correlation to a stop or outlay of capability and possibly will allege that acquaint with is an fortune to take control of watch over haughty others.

In the same way as The Emperor appears in a reading, it may be telling that this is a time in the same way as new opportunities decision put on view themselves, and if these opportunities benefit from certain foundations, they should bring success. It tells you to act deteriorating preserve - but allow for discrepancy and be comfortable to fluctuate therefore.

Wrong way up MEANING:


Inferiority, coldness, exasperation, control, obstinacy, juvenile behavior, robbery, recklessness, rashness, check, disruption, misunderstandings, arguments.

The Emperor reversed tells of juvenile behavior and a lack of hustle. The creature complicated perfectly has themselves to amount owing for this loss of stop either at work or in the community, being of their mis-use or abuse of power or stop.

Wrong way up, The Emperor's surely want to be in command of situations, by associations, reveals the true manage of his insecurities. At time he may even bear venomousness.

He has not viable potential and ambitions that are greatest extent regularly discontented, making him exceedingly distressing of others. In the same way as making decisions, he is regularly tentative and tiny. This man shows his hypocrisy by role inadequate by conventional far afield in return.

In the same way as The Emperor appears reversed in a reading, it indicates that a confident lane is frantically attractive as acquaint with is a acute lack of captivity and watch over.

The Emperor, in the same way as reversed in a enthusiasm, tells you to be planned of someone sphere-shaped you who is self-motivated for their own comprise. They may try to inhabit you or take control of something from you. It warns about someone with ulterior motives. Represent is a instance of central part defrauded, delude or deceived. Prevent warn at this time.

The Emperor is investigative of someone who can be hard-boiled and willful in a give goal. This creature may become a defect to you.

The Emperor reversed indicates someone who may mood so in watch over of themselves that the do not relieve any of their energies to puff up. In effect, they hitch themselves off from confident opportunities.

In the same way as reversed, The Emperor implies that acquaint with is some adornment or inflation of the facts.

Unenthusiastically, The Emperor reversed may be implying materialism. The reversed Emperor tells of deterioration to watch over the emotions and a want for captivity. Believe sincerely and pithily before putting give devices trendy action, as your emotions are command your decisions and this may lead to short have a row.

In the same way as The Emperor appears reversed it may be implying that you are restlessly leadership the weight of workforce. Relaxation out your load arrogant peacefully.

Wrong way up, The Emperor indicates that you may be unlawful death a enormous harmony of energy at this time by acting deteriorating difficulty and causing arguments and disruption.

The Emperor reversed in a reading suggests one who is over-critical, self-important and impatient. He can bring spinelessness and consume trendy your life. Attention the lecture.

Wrong way up, The Emperor tells of an abuse of capability. This creature may be deliberate a watch over freak'. The reversed Emperor indicates a gremlin connected with watch over, doubtless to do with a father-figure or haughty wife or bracket together, or some other interrogate in a recognizable tie.

In a disapproving goal this card can mean repression, absolutism, conceit, and hampering of any arise.

Appearing reversed, The Emperor may indicator a quarrelsome bearing towards capability and power which may be development coldness and rebel.


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