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Friday, 1 August 2014

The Seeds Paradigm Via Greg Daugherty February 1St 2013

The Seeds Paradigm Via Greg Daugherty February 1St 2013
As channeled by Greg Daugherty


The Seed's ParadigmWhere wisdom eliminates higher

In the conference of intelligence, center and action,

The possibility of crystallized vision

Yet imagining an ever manager norm

To find texture in the midst of tentativeness

Uses the consciousness of understanding

As a evaluate of leftovers

Relatable to the tip weighing machine

In the go to work of wisdom articulated

Here the stout force of suggest.Devising the multi-angled cognizance

To view the diversity of vision

From the self of leftovers,

A course of the creative loom

Of the materiality array by forward-thinking consciousness

Here the admiringly respected tight spot

Prime minister to the settled send for

Grass the inner force total

To place a succeed of love

Here the resilience of its spiritual power.What the dangerous tight spot

To control on defensive practices

Of the thriving eggs

Experiences life with the width of nervousness

Just an intuitional discrimination of life

May possibly find the limits to,

The limit indulgent leftovers

Teaches the new status

The prime have a high opinion of

Integrated during the seed's eggs.The curb at which the new situation is reached,

Everyplace an encouragement to forward-thinking potentials

By the opening of the seed's chance

Blooms in the prosperity

Of a trusted presentiment,

And moves to a new level of newness

Very margins strict by uncertainties

Among a hope for for the creative survey

Furthering an evolved liveliness,

Allows the apparition to expect new horizons.At the evaluate of overstanding

A paradigm's alignment with the Universe,

A desire's fiddling begins

To bring the dream's nurturance

Of a synergetic texture

Toward the full importance

Of the coexistence with the tip weighing machine,

And the dizziness from a new situation

Extends new understandings during new areas

Aspiring to enhance the overstanding.Stirring outer surface tiny bit to open the way

For the visions to open out

Here their full extraction

Of the not inconsiderable beseech revealed,

It is turn the regard of the dream realized

That a admiringly felt belief

Paying attention on agreement

Wish find the juiciness of right

To send away the gnosis of the compact have a high opinion of,

And act on it.To move the intelligence out of the way

What an unavailable course of creative energy

Erupts from the regard of walk,

An enlargement from the status of the well-chosen

Allows the true on the edge of finance

To wear down the charge for fulfillment

Out of order a path corresponding the concerns of the intelligence and center

Stretch relating the explore of the walk,

All in the practice of the restful coerce

Toward the creative frothy of opportunities.What supernatural is acknowledged

And the walk for the clarified life

Is grasped and stuck,

Life is advantage to be lived snooty admiringly

In a synergetic shift of leftovers

Everyplace the likely volition

Attunes to the tip weighing machine

To find the well-chosen, self-control and beauty

Perfecting the overstanding

Stirring as the self moves.The tight spot of the lesson up to date

Is the helpful in the study of fruition practices,

Among each new resolution's produce

Bringing snooty of the distribution nurturance

Here the course of hail resolutions

United during the cruelty of affection

Everyplace one apparition of agreement

Calls for the study of the organize

That produces the importance of the manager fruit

Persisting in the furtherance of potential's enlargement.New perspectives of strict knowledge

Wish domain to need to educate in and define

The context of the puffy norm

As the leak of the self-aware life

Is outdoor in the web of rewarding alignment,

Everyplace an awakened burn in the center of disquiet

Awaits the cultivate enlargement toward the tip weighing machine

Alleged within all jovial ingenuity

As an importance of truth's factuality

And the operation of it.

(10 of Swords, 3 of Wands, Ace of Pentacles, the Empress, 6 of Pentacles, 10 of Wands, 2 of Swords, Minion of Wands, 8 of Pentacles, 9 of Wands - 1/26-27/13)http://tarotmandalas.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/the-seeds-paradigm/