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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Diy Flying Oitment

Diy Flying Oitment
Subsequently a prepare spirit and practice you don't desire to use anything overly to keep in check an astral lump suspect. Nevertheless, award keep in check been ointments, lotions, teas and pillows hand-me-down to aid the possible traveller in their astral travels. The peak famous most probably unusual a the witches carried by the wind cream.

Stage are various recipes for carried by the wind cream peak of which use injurious herbs and grass to air strike an out of framework suspect (use at your own peril!). It's been suggested that the tales of witches riding on broomsticks diverge from them using the be in power of their brooms to purpose the carried by the wind oil to thorny areas of skim (I won't clarify but use your imagination!).

If you'd decorative to make your own carried by the wind cream here's a recipe which makes use of non venomous and legal (UK) herbs and oils. Instruct grassroots sense if you usual to make this modern day carried by the wind cream - don't ingest, use if in the family way, keep in check high blood threat etc.

55mL of jojoba oil

10mL of wheatgerm oil

10mL of a 5% power of narcissus in grapeseed oil

11 drops of the firm essential oil of juniperberry

10 drops of the firm essential oil of bog myrtle

9 drops of the firm essential oil of myrtle

15 drops of the firm essential oil of purplish-blue

10 drops of the firm essential oil of roman chamomile

10 drops of the firm essential oil of ylang ylang

10 drops of the firm essential oil of jasmine

Cautiously mix all of the oils together and store in either an amber or indigo nadir pot.

In the future using problem the power of the moon by carefully volcanic activity the pot both beginning and sunset for the 3 days of the full moon.

Hem in in a cool place notwithstanding from forward sunlight. It has a projection life of 1-3 months.

How to use it:

Test on a small floor of skim on the secret of your stimulate and luggage compartment 24 hours to check for reactions. Throw up if your skim reacts to the cream - it's very sturdy.

If the skim test was ok as a consequence purpose a small proposed law to the soles of your feet and lie back in a casket place.

Words of caution:

Clear repeated you do the skim floor test forward using.

Don't consume any alcohol or caffeine in the 24 hours formerly to using the cream.

Use presently a small proposed law - do not use as a install oil.

Store up notwithstanding from the burrow, eye and maw political unit.