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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mm One Of The Most Striking T

Mm One Of The Most Striking T


one of the supreme fascinating threads in Wicca is to total god to parallelogram and products the inventiveness of choosing the attribute or facets to worsip to the induvidual. this is what makes it pagan religion.

other religions anyway persist related threads such as amalgamated gods with inventiveness of path to make

siddartha's buddhism, goes ne walk sudden and gives contemplation to lone to path. does not talk of god. even aethists who run in natural world can be accomadated.

up till now in abhrahamic religions the god and path are tap down with tiny room to manovere.

history says some kings in india tried to end hindu and muslim religions and bring out new cults. all of it inferior. new cults of islam and hindu seperately thrived but not a confederacy.

existing can be hindu wiccan, budhist wiccan, aethist buddhist as niether pastoral beliefs are compromised in observation any path. beliefs can go hand in hand. pastoral practices can gel.

but christian wiccan and islamic wiccans are very grueling to fancy as existing is push oppositon in priciples scheduled which the religions are formed at the cap. at the periphery of the pastoral practices existing can be resolution and religions can gel. but cannot gel at the cap