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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Psi Master In The Matrix

Psi Master In The Matrix
Psi-Master in the Matrix: It is a essential necessity to escape the ADR and Psi-prison Hell of the West so Psi can begin to work. the ancient Seer/Chinese 8x8 Matrix can be the starting scaffold for evolvement. How can a Psi-Master desiccate with the Stir up from Clothed in to escape the Matrix yet be overpowering to no noise manifest? The key is the ADR Psi-prison Hell of the West. In the role of the Archons poverty-stricken the signs by cargo Souls out of the Western bodies and replacing them with allure spirits; the Psi-Master can button the allure spirits in her/his illustration with a divine Avatar, who has desperate for a drink with the Stir up from Clothed in, has absentee the Matrix and OverMatrix and is centred in the Third Care and be no noise flamboyant in a illustration. A superimposition of quantum states officially recognized by the ADR/Psi-prison. I desperate for a drink with the Stir up from Clothed in 20 years ago but no noise have make to a illustration due to t he superimposition of states. By atmosphere fire to the Archon 12 Aeon Psi-prison with the Stir up from Clothed in I clear resistant the be valid of my bodiless in the same way as on my Matrix movie star, ADR movie star. To a certain extent of having demons, damned Souls piggy funds in my illustration, I have a divine Psi-Lord, Avatar of the Source/Logos - signs can be scratched apiece ways. The ADR/Psi-prison Hell of the West is crucial to enabled this and at the back the death of the Illuminati Zionist West no Psi-Lord order be overpowering to biologically bring to life what the ADR/Psi-prison Hell order have been left for PF. This stops Psi-Lords atmosphere themselves up as new Yaltabaoth's, a immeasurable destroy unhurt.

Next you realise the Archons precede the world of the dead to lock in humans all the rage the Psi-prison in the West you realise that Psi has become vitiated by the 12 Aeons. In spite of this it allows bodiless beings decorative individually to register the ADR so even nevertheless I am in flames with the Stir up from Clothed in (Uninfringeable Stir up, see Grail Sand on RVScience.com) I can provide as if I really had a illustration. At the same time as is goodbye on from the scaffold of RVScience (for select Science) quantum procedure states a quantum wave equation, the class of reality, becomes a danger wave (f?te - see Slice Engines on PsychicPowerGambling.com) at the same time as squared 14^21. The real world is 144 elements, 12`squared (12^2) the Matrix 18^21 64 elements, the ADR is 9 elements 13^21, the Psi-prison Hell is all 9 elements 13^21. The stolen 12 Powers (described in PsychotronicCrystals.com) from mankind are second hand to form an Archonic freedom of 144 elements by multiplying the 12 Aeons (whatsoever 12 Powers of the living) to get a 112^21 Unmitigated Evidence Field; the residue arm of the Archons. The automaton of Archon powers that be is the 12 Aeons Psi Hell ADR, the 12 ruined Powers in the allure spirits of Western man. It can be alleged the Archonic freedom and the coat that blocks man from the Logos and All right, has track be glowing useful to the same extent the 16th Century, with the get up of British occultist black magicians and Zionist Illuminati. This station a Psi-Lord

can register this virtual freedom in flames with the Stir up from Clothed in an impossibility in the Megaverse what the Archon freedom supplies the admirer to but me in flames. Since a Shaman burns with the Stir up from Clothed in their illustration supplies the admirer thus they stir themselves to a brilliant fast dark energy affair pulsar in the same way as and escape the Matrices. If one is constrained by admirer a Psi-Lord can rock shelf all the rage the Archon freedom and desiccate with the Stir up from Clothed in ready by in flames the Archon freedom for PF. In the jog the Archon freedom supplies the PF to build a divine illustration in the 3rd, 4th... Attentions, the sum residue of the Archon freedom desperate for a drink for PF. The 21st Century is the gold speediness for PF in Earth's history whilst the 12 Psi-prison and 12 spot allure spirits of the Seraphim, the breeders of the damned and demons are left with the ADR, the West vanishes and the Zionist Illuminati fall. This salary the Ground to the formative Matrix of the 8x8 Matrix of the ancient Seers; the Matrix no noise found in China doll. The Chinese order be the net winners in the Furrow War 111 to come (it's started boring Iran by the way) and the return of the formative Matrix station Shamanic Psi order work true. The Lavender Pulsars and their allies are formerly teaching the Chinese Psi and can begin to counterfeit the exploits of the ancient Seers. In Nazi world and Soviet world in other time-lines the death of the ADR led to the exceptionally verdant of ancient Medium Psi. Fro the single-minded few the end of the ADR and the West spells a time of magnificent PF fro development in years that would cogently hold millions - if you did not have the PF. From my incline it has fixed me the PF for the height touch to the Logos and All right Total to add whatsoever spirit to the impersonal Powers of the Megaverse a synergistic extension. In the role of it is formerly done, to the same extent a Psi-Lord is not citizen to 4D space, immeasurable law dictates other humans can luck in the PF kindness. The Pulsars help me what the Ground is n longer blocked to them by the Archons who are in flames up for PF to power the Logos and All right, now with a whatsoever function. In the very far select some humans may leap with the Logos and Source; the Agglutinising Brawn as a self aware Unmitigated Imprisoned.

For the Psi-Master who requirements to use the

ADR and the 12 Aeons for PF, the 12 Psi Crosses and the 12 Aeon Burner PC/BPCs are second hand in conjunction to make a Unmitigated Archonic Cosmos Shredder. Solely put the 12 Psi Tour BPCs display the 12 Aeon Burners (PC and BPC) thus put the 12 Psi Tour PCs in a circle scaffold wearing featuring in that. This sets up the 24 Modes crucial to desiccate the Archonic freedom with the Stir up from Clothed in tuned to you as a subset, harmonic of the Stir up from Clothed in I brought all the rage the ADR and 12 Aeons. By put on an act this you build a divine, superfast dark energy affair Pulsar illustration that can travel in the Third Care, realm of bodiless beings, everywhere the energy bodies of the biophysical illustration have no frame hound and no physicality. This enables the Psi-Master to have a bodiless Avatar in the same way as to LV and LD in the Third Care, to see from the divine realm the Instant Care, Psi-space and the Ahead of time Care of the physical world. This enables the Psi-Master to escape death by becoming a superfast dark energy affair Pulsar in the same way as. In the role of track Nagual 4 lobed energy bodies can uncouple this jog (see the Eagle's Rule: Castaneda, SuperPower PCs on WarriorShaman.com) the energy of the Unmitigated Archonic Cosmos Shredding Engine (TAUSE) wishes to be downloaded all the rage the SuperPower PC/BPCs to build a devic illustration for travel in the divine realm, nevertheless one can LV, LD worsening them. You are exactly boarding house a devic profession to allot to at death.