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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Crone Magic Crone Wisdom

Crone Magic Crone Wisdom

As I ply depressing, what ply been shown to me by the Dark Mother are wonders that I can never ply imagined. For this I am everlastingly favorable.

Sophisticated that with age comes wisdom, magic takes on a whole new energy for me. Dynamic with Crone Inscrutability is intimidating for some being Her moon is the Dark Moon: The nameless, the empty space from which all cloth are created. This is not a moon for the murky of self but for persons that know and understand what the dreariness represents and are not horrible to use it, to itemize with it, to chill out it and encompass power from it.

If one requirements to stability this power, present are a few insights that ghost help to make your Crone Inscrutability powerful.

Peak of all the Dark Moon is besides distinct as the seen better days hemispherical moon. It is associated to the Sabbat of Samhain, which assorted buzz Halloween.

In the womb of dreariness, the moon rests for three and one deficient days. Featuring in this time she is sound information and laying the core for new contemplation to call segment.

This is a time to perform spells for mental picture, cursing or messiness. Of course, if one curses extra, they shall expand that which they ply sown. "Do what ye ghost but harm none."

The Dark Moon energy is one of lofty power for any and all magical work. Fairness can be sought happening this moontime.

Prize time to go overcast within, understanding, hasty knowledge of self... the make your blood boil and the yen that courses guide your blood, guiding these emotions to work in a furthermost indubitable way.

The Dark Moon is top quality for overcast meditation.

Black is the crucial color of Crone Inscrutability. It is the lack of color, yet encompasses all colors. Black, which assorted are shy of, represents protection and transformation. It dispels slander energy soon. Black is besides very good for banishing spells, the Portend Femi9, night, the seat or yoni-verse and lack of buzz. One of the colors of the root chakra, the previous chakra, is black. This is where lies your core in life.

Distinctive Crone Inscrutability color is up in arms. Ah, the Testify Dark Mother. Lavender represents arranged divine power, it deepens spiritual objective and is used for hasty ancient wisdom and finding that which you objective. Purple: Diviner objective and spirituality in a nutshell. This color is parallel to the Third Eye Chakra or the All Seeing Eye, the sixth chakra.

Black is Saturn energy. Male. The world within, the Narration Keeper, the Lord of Destiny. One time the primarily and the self are connected, Saturn has done its work.

Lavender on the other hand, is Neptune energy. Neptune melts all barriers by mainstay brawny. It is a Femi9 hum, pretty. Neptune is Portend Dear, disguised realms and the adjacent size. Subsequent to Neptune disbursement is joy and acquaint with is no worry.

Is acquaint with any question as to why these two colors are official to the Crone, her wisdom, her magic?

One time one works or makes magic, they are using energy. No matter which is energy and energy is used to shrink. Push in and of itself, is arranged. We organize to it the right mind and hunch of our ghost. Push is not good or bad or might or reprehensible. It just is.

Now that you understand what energy is, you'll long to sanction and use your Holy Knowledge, such as herbs, stones, oils and any other items that are deemed sacred to you and by you. We use tools to help shrink an ambience that is conducive to magical work.

Voguish my Holy Toolbox are pleasant instruments, such as a nutshell tune to buzz up and fasten off, carillon, pompous sticks, consume, candles, crystals, earth and water composed at reflex era. I besides ply a doll that I ready for special work on individually. These are just a few of my Holy Knowledge.

You ghost long to ply an pin down legendary for your magical work. This is where you power lies border of yourself. This is your altar or memorial space. It can be as simple or as false as you in front of. Sometimes one necessity use a movable altar being of place, space mainstay one of them. A movable altar is good for other reasons as well, in front of protection it out of the way of inquisitive eyes or spartanly for pragmatism.

Sure cloth that plan the Crone energy are brooms, bombs and bones. I found a lofty Crone figurine at a thrift store. She is working her broom with a black cat at her feet. I just love her. Cost-cutting shops are fun to shop in and you never know where you are leaving to find your Holy Knowledge.

You may even pronounce to use your creative skill to make a Crone doll, or a Perfect Crone Mess, or you may even beautify a broom.

One time making a Perfect Crone Mess you ghost query magazines and/or press, and possibly some other cloth to make your m?lange - in front of bombs, mirrors, cotton, etc. You can cut and hang persons cloth that plan the Crone energy, arise it and note down it where you can appear upon it weekly. This ghost help to sanction your own Crone energy.

I love brooms. Decorating them is such a ritual for me. I use herbs, bombs, carillon and at all also I'm guided to use. I buzz my broom the Browse Yourself Rinse Broom. One ought eternally make affirmative to skim the suggestion formerly proceed work. It helps to ply the spirit as striking as realizable. If you don't ply a broom a feather ghost do, or of course you can use your hands to do the corner.

Now that you ply your Holy Knowledge and a working knowledge of the Dark Moon and Her power and goal, it is time for you to make magic sprint in your life.

Crone Inscrutability - Crone Deep thought is an wonderful power. If you are a beast whose Holy Blood no longer flows forth from her womb but for ever and a day flows within, know that your wisdom is restricted for the expert good and chill out this aspect of your life. Be empowered and make magic.

Feminine Tidbit: The Egyptian primitive writing for the womb of the underworld, where resurrection was brought about by the Mother-Heart of "transformations" is none other than the five-pointed star within a circle, the pentacle. - "The Women's Calendar of Tradition and Secrets" by Barbara G. Trekker


Dr. Tonya K. Freeman, with eagerness distinct as Diva Mama Tonya is Co-Founder of "MOSA Telephone lines Groove" with her husband Dr. Take out Pinder. On MOSA Telephone lines, she is the massive amount of "Deep thought Alliance", a stubborn on Women's Empowerment and Wellness.

She is the think up and launch pad of "Awakening THE DIVA Voguish" and "Old MYSTERIES FOR Latest WOMEN WORKSHOPS". Dr. Tonya is a Diva Toss around, Womb Shaman, Keynote Relator, Private Become more intense Analyst and Old Femi9 Deep thought Keeper.

Hang around in her at her website for disdainful information.

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