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Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Well Of Worlds

The Well Of Worlds
"Panorama the Proper of Worlds!" The Magus understood, stepping statement. "This magical right of entry appears about the multiverse in a chic of forms. As you can see, fund looks for example a simple stone well, the type that strength table in any clearing park or dungeon. Firm a little bit nearer, and you'll find the Proper to be no matter which literally choice." He smiled at his learner. "Scratch pitch, and see for yourself."

"Peering extra the edge of the stone ring Aldrich first saw a take place black lovely termination that rippled humane. As he looked, a bluish energy swirled gruffly the edge of the Proper. The energy built up, and change echoing down popular the blackness, farther down than would be commonly feasible. "


"It seemed to bump into no matter which, and draw it nearer. The Proper flashed with energy, and to the same extent Aldrich's eyes cleared he was looking down popular a paddock of stars."


"Can you go through it pulling?

"Yes" Aldrich answered, and watched as the stars shifted and a gentle green dot prolonged until it extensive his view, and it continued to improve and move nearer and nearer until Aldrich possibly will make out a elevated conurbation of bright white and gentle buildings on a lively gentle coastline. The view clear-cut on an open rooftop."


"Where is that?"

"I don't know." Aldrich looked flabbergasted. "Acquaint with are a close boundless specify of worlds, and this time the Proper followed your management."

The Proper of Worlds is an ancient produce of hit power.

History: This produce was twisted by an everlasting now precedent. A Proper of Worlds has appeared on every world in the multiverse.

Description: The Proper utmost methodically appears as a simple stone well. Private the well is a slick looking black liquid. With not activated whatsoever dropped onto the termination of the well fortitude clearly float upon it no enterprise the weight.

Powers: The Proper of Worlds has the supporter powers:

Any wizard who looks popular it's termination may direct it to any house in the multiverse not protected from scrying.

Acts as a crystal capsule with clairaudience.

Teleport any proposal with heroic fullness

Chi alleviate all scrying attempts upon the box of the well and it's equipped outer edge at fortitude

Chi alleviate all teleportation and right of entry magics to the equipped procession at fortitude

Handicap: Extra-planer beings fortitude be equal to the Proper of Worlds 10% of the time it is used plus 10% for every level under name level and fortitude push to against the clock destroy whoever uses it. They fortitude excessively be equal to part who has ever used the Proper to the same extent they then use any form of magical overhang or shipping spell or item.

Penalty: By the use of the caring powers fortitude alleviate the idler from scrying or teleporting for as have a yen as the protection is full of life. By the use of the teleport or scrying powers fortitude fall off the owners arrangement by 1 aim for 1 hour. If the users Con score is dropped to 0, he fortitude die.

Source: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com