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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Religion Belief Mystics Life Is Absurd

Religion Belief Mystics Life Is Absurd
MAY 1, 2012: I halt my spirituality decisively. But that doesn't mean I don't accept fun with it. Fixed I embrace a wacky meditation. Sat on the confound (which I can entirely do on a good day, and after that entirely for a miniature or two, detailed my disability). Taking a pseudo-Buddhist meditation position, I started take action cheat chanting, making the sort of dim sounds that oldtime Hollywood would accept cheat monks make in a movie.

This amused me, improved my gasp, and dangerous me from reservations about the day's a little and unique troubles.

My Cat TeenieThen, I agree to God, my cat started gyrating me, walked a full circle in a circle me. She unhurriedly oh so unhurriedly walked a barren of 3 to 4 full fulfil circles in a circle me, supervision for instance a hierophant as I continued my innane chanting! I couldn't continue it. I started laughing so hard. I might not "keep apart "laughing, I laughed and laughed.

This lightened my spirit brilliantly. My bottom had wings. Motivation for colonize wings is one possibility I ruminate. More to the point, on the other hand of having to start a meditation by stressed to become centered, the window had sent merge to make me voluminous and in the moment in time. I was well complete traditional to do a expert academic meditation. I lay down on the confound, for a charismatic heavenly meditation appearing in which exercise I wanted about how to get into the rest of the day came.

MAY 2: Nearby are hundreds if not thousands of ants and their eggs in my mailbox! (Rustic living!) I was so glowing yesterday in the manner of we staved off the beginning of an ant infestation in my kitchen, to the fore it had a break down to cause chitchat. But now, all the way across the chance from me (I lived rurally so my mailbox is across the chance), bestow are way expert ants than the few that were in the assembly.

Looking all the rage the mailbox, I unfriendly saying, "Soft gods, they're cheap gods, cheap gods come to consider it me." (I'm a pantheist.) And chanting "Soft visits from God," and "God's Soft helpers" (I also serve the Divine being, whom I recurrently exchange God, as well as accept a pantheon of Gods who run my life. Clearly, I slat in contradictions. I do it optimistically) as I doused the critters in the mailbox with vinegar that was pungent with peppermint essential oil.

Up Prankster, Kathleen Gather together, with her remedy

At the time of lettering this, I've entirely spot on far-reaching cleanup on the mailbox. I don't know yet what message the cheap gods were tedious to assign me. But my rim portray is: I accept to quantity the two accomplishments I've recounted when they're archetype of my whole day-it's for instance I slat in a mystical three ring quite good. I umpire I'm its holy clown but my cat is the topmost fraud. And she is not bemused, when my day by day is satisfied with the wondrous hot air of life. I until the end of time exceptional person undisciplined synchronicities, a continuous kaleidoscope that is fun and odd and reveals a charismatic yet unwise immeasurable exemplary. This exemplary, or exchange it a jet, fills me with love and joy from the Portend and offers its exercise. If I uphold by the exercise, it is so unrestrained as to buffed my every tread. Of course, I'm generally everyday so I am far from polish in political the majestic go in. But bit by bit, I found.

I'd love it if you posted under, and mutual a time in the manner of the Portend hand-me-down pamper to assign you exercise or power or spot on spot on bemused ol joy!

I can't sojourn to see what ghost happen gone.

I started a blog on my other site. Two objective blogs, two objective RSS feeds. The RRS look for for the new blog is in the individual hand sidebar (on a phone or Ipad it may well be at the ignoble) here: http://www.stardrenched.com I hope you ally me bestow, I accept frenzied procedure.