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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Open Mysteries Of Vayechi And Filling The Athame

Open Mysteries Of Vayechi And Filling The Athame
I carved my athame this dusk. Including the inscriptions are:

announce of intention:

my Jewitch craft name Lleucu in ogham mail

my Hebrew name in Hebrew mail

a pentacle

a magen David

mezuzah inscriptions as discussed featuring in

a cauldron curl triskelion

seals:" so mote it be" and,

a unique alef

a 3-headed and a 4-headed shin


The engravements happen, well, handmade. Ok, this tool is now dig out now.


This shabbat (Friday night) of parashah Vayechi, I am going to confer my carved athame.. On the also Darkness Moon (Thursday night, January 18), I am going to grant it.. On Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Shevat (Friday night, January 19), I am going to "okay" it - put for Shevat as discussed featuring in..

According to my Artscroll chumash (p. 268, Brickwork Release):

In the absolute Torah Scroll, Vayechi is unique in that present-day is no leftovers space along with it and the older parashah, in fluctuate to the big proceed that a Sidra begins on a new line or that it is at odds from the older one by at token a nine-letter space.

In other words, having no leftovers space, featuring in in parashah Vayechi whose mysteries are open to the Darkness Female "End of Soul", it is bursting with understudy blessings and elegance.

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