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Friday, 18 April 2008


Runa Cover

Book: Runa by Stephen Flowers

Runa is that which is hidden, perpetually beyond the grasp of the intellect. By attaining to levels of Understanding of what was previously hidden, we push back the barriers and in the process create even greater mysteries beyond. This process is clear in science as well as art.

As I Understand the current constellation of AEonic Words (Words within the AEon), Xeper is the process of evolution of Self in the quest for the elusive Graal/Walhalla (Xem), the mechanism is Remanifestation, the map is Thelema, Indulgence is all with which we
even gain union, and Runa is that which lies outside or beyond our direct experience. It is the hunger for the Graal which drives the magician: the subtle sense of the unknown and the unknowable that motivates the magician ever onward. (by Stephen E. Flowers V, October 1990)

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