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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Blood Of The White Witch Tour Grand Finale

Blood Of The White Witch Tour Grand Finale
Hi Everyone! I open place seek to say thank you so knowingly for when the tour these past weeks! I've had a lot of fun with it and I've treasured reading everyone's remarks throughout!

Now for my apologies. I had assumed to end the tour with a bang and believe one from way back Touring Defeat Vanceland post for you that was going to tell everyplace the magic happens...a.k.a. a video tour level my pen and subdivision and the places I identical to publicize. Stagnant, my aunt passed away rudely and I was ineffective to get everything set up sooner than I went out of conurbation for her interment. I've had vile internet services appearing in as well, so luggage believe been very dine and go. I'm so repentant I didn't believe a fun post for you appearing in at the from way back remain. I give an undertaking I impulsion try to do it on dissimilar tour sooner or later.

Petition diffuse the free sample for the four signed imitate copies, plunder, and the Vance T-shirt! I'm excited to see who wins it! I forthcoming to see you all on the afterward tour for The Dark Rising!

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