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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Kol Isha Kol Itta And Aur Chayah

Kol Isha Kol Itta And Aur Chayah

At hashkafah.com, Gretchen usually asked the question:

Does the issur of kol isha do exercises to gay men?

Tons of the responses revolved generally the hypothesis that the restriction of "kol isha" (males court the give vent to of a individual) was founded on the function of the muscle of "kol isha" to enthusiasm sexual favor. Nonetheless, I really don't embrace this is the mortar.

I embrace it is chief founded on the function that "all blessings concern from the mothers" ("Sefer Yetzirah"). In other words, the distract has to do with the mystical power to bless or curse hereditary in the "mystical voice-"kol" (which is the "aur chayah") of a individual".

As I've written as soon as about the "isha/itta" distinction; "isha" is of Canaanite origin and represents a arrange level boundless to the mitzvot. In this manner, the mystical "give vent to" of "isha " can dowry "form disconnected from its teller" (in rival to unity in form) hip accuracy. This is what the restriction of "kol isha" is testing to avoid by despondent men (as important construction of the collective "vav "in the Holy Shout) to knock the give vent to of "isha".

Disappointingly as well, the level of "aur chayah" take credit with "kol" is coupled to the two mitzvot of tithes and assistance. "Isha" (as elucidated in ish, isha, adam, itta ">technorati tags: Torah Talmud Torah Judaism Kabbalah jewish holiness holiness isha itta kol isha mitzvot tithes assistance early fruits bikkurim reishit shabbat shabbat consciousness tree of life crisp sin ohr chaya aur chayah