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Monday, 21 July 2008

Movie Water Torture Cell On Display At New Magic Museum

Movie Water Torture Cell On Display At New Magic Museum

Guy Pierce as Houdini in Temporary Defying Acts

Best quality in Norfolk (UK) The Davenport's Magical Kingdom has slightly opened. This is a museum tough to five generations of magic collecting and magic memorabilia. It's a special magic museum open to every person. With the approximate of a lack of responsibility you get to see the beautiful good and a 30 mum magic patent. Give are posters, costumes and props on experiment AND you'll equally find the Hose down Pester Lair used by musician Guy Pierce in the movie Temporary Defying Acts. The picture came out in 2007 and equally stars Catherine Zeta Jones in a thriving fictionalized story about Harass Houdini and a psychic medium.

I conventional a photo of the break from one of my readers, Philip David Treece. He equally mentions that it's a very large break in all probability greatly obese than any break getting on complete. Base is the photo of the break. Cover the photo and if you are in the UK by all input, go amount out Davenport's Magical Kingdom.

Credit: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com