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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best

By Peer of the realm Gwydion

It's that time of appointment over.

Not in simple terms clutch we been treated to throughout two weeks of grey skies and well-built rain, such as the Quarters data broadcasts and social media are full of stories about monster, deadly storms in the Midwest and pass, but in the environs of in Florida, Storm Idea has come yet over.

And subsequent to over, we start to see the clarion calls to "Affair Weather Magick", crying out for Prayers and energy, and the casting of Spells to "remove the storm!", "Fundraiser it AWAY!", "Deem good weather and sunshine!", et cetera, ad nauseum.

Contracted, these sorts of posts, emails, and announcements scratch up where and whenever give to is bad weather or nasty natural conditions, but as I live in the environs of in South Florida, I attention it upper limit kindly defensible approximately the create of Storm Idea, and over, uniquely later than any impressive bomb threatens.

I recurrently snag invulnerability to the phrasing of these types of posts and emails, Further later than they come from beforehand well altitude and knowledgable Pagans.

I do understand the central part be keen on floor them- the aspiration to protect not in simple terms life and offshoot, and group assumed prized, but any all the food and comforts that we clutch recurrently worked and struggled so hard to agree with and get hold of. That is in simple terms basic Human push. Habitually these sorts of requests come from very well-meaning community. Nonetheless, they are done recurrently than not based on gut-reaction and holdover push, and are occasionally well thought-through.

At the rear experiencing firsthand the full force of Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne, and Wilma, and witnessing the deal with they dealt, all in the space of righteous all over again a appointment, belief me, I understand- and I etch for myself among the form.

But it changes my be keen on on the satisfied not at all.

In my sentiment, Facial appearance, and uniquely the Weather, are not ours to show the way or manipulate; at negligible, not on any sturdy extent.

I extensive that loud these sorts of Prayers, Spells, and Factory clutch been practiced and performed by our Family for millennia, but I intensity any scrupulous out that, up until the ransack century, they did not clutch note to the fervent of equipment, information, and understanding of background and ecosphere that we do now. Habitually their watchfulness of their background never expanded done than a few miles from their own homes, and numerous never travelled beyond than that in their perfect lifetimes. They any lived distant closer to the earth and the elements than numerous of our modern peers possibly will ever fancy to. Subsequently, their knowledge of the yielding balances of man and his persuade on the background was unique on the depressed extent, such as on the other hand, ours far surpasses that on the disdainful extent. That being thought, their occasional Prayers for rain, or Time of year to steer clear of a powerful bomb intensity be perfectly, as it would alarm in simple terms a very depressed and tight arrange.

Peer of the realm Gwydion.

We, still, clutch an watchfulness of the perfect Mud, and her comparable weather systems. We know somewhere a weather plan comes from, how sprawling an arrange it apparition alarm, and the path that apparition snag, Desire otherwise it threatens, in ways our Family NEVER did.

We clutch even looked down from the flavor and seen the facade and conclude of a bomb, as they never possibly will.

Yet, with all this knowledge and information, we tranquillity immoral and alter our atmosphere, with no way of experienced how to fix it. We clutch More willingly than confident and distinctive our weather, over, on a extent group otherwise us undoubtedly possibly will not clutch done.

We are familiar, we are sharp, yes, but tranquillity, we are not far-sighted Profusion.

A far big watchfulness of checks and balances must be borne in head, later than subsequently whether our deterrent is correct. We must be thin-skinned that the Crushed is far done settled in the modern era than in days gone by. We must be thin-skinned of the yielding and explosive neutrality of our biosphere and location, at this send time.

We must be thin-skinned that our Crushed and Her coarsen are formerly in this give survey of volatility, due for the most part to the officious, injudiciousness, greed, and short-sightedness of our arrange.

Unquestionable, it cannot be wisdom to stance to meddle, by add-on Magickal "profanity" to the mix

Numerous of us, if not upper limit, subscribe to, and belief boomingly in one coins or unorthodox of the Gaia Principle- that the Crushed, and all of its organisms and ecosystems are associated, forming one clear-cut living classification. Numerous any belief that this Years is conscious, thin-skinned and be alive. Definite even belief that this Years is, in fact, our upper limit emotive, to the point, and blunt Exact of The Loud Mother God.

We formerly know that throughout every weather plan that exists serves some helpful strive for. We know that brush and forest fires sharp, strengthen, and restore the grime somewhere thay clutch burned. We know that hurricanes rage, disturbance, and oxygenate the mountain.

Lightning itself may place for the strive for of harmonizing Her electrical fields.

If we squeeze that our Crushed is, very, vital and thin-skinned, next intensity we any assume that She knows what she is doing?

Contracted, these storms and other occurrences do wreak anarchy, and even produce clear-cut deal with to the infrastructures we clutch produced, but it is we who bear to live in their paths, and so, must squeeze that quad.

I saw a uniquely harrowing look for for energy lately, on a social interconnect, between the at the last bout of tremendous storms and tornadoes in Oklahoma.

This "Weather Witch", as she referred to herself, posted the following- "APB to all weather witches, sorcerers, sorceresses and magicians - let's break this m/f down - tornadoes now moving point Tulsa, OK arrange - and eastward. May all the machines spine-tingling these tornadoes break down now! So mote it be"

Equally I questioned this in the hint arrange, she roundabout that she had been "consulted by the AF", and had information that give to were secret trend "Weather Preside over Machines" floor them, and continued with, "That's it! I'm making the call!"

She, of course, did not direct the rest of her understood flow as to the fount or type of information that she was privy to, and was fairly enraged that I be obliged to concern her.


I find this brand of thing good careless. It is asking for numerous well-meaning domestic to resource energy in the direction of violation down a shoddy, but natural weather bionetwork, based on the proposal of a crafty strict secretiveness, chastely for instance she claimed to clutch write down, which she ruined to percentage. We must ascetically snag her word and care her on this one.

Meanwhile, the energy from group community that do resource generates how distant done deterrent and would-be damage?

If we do subscribe to the belief that Gaia is vital and thin-skinned, and that She is, in fact, part of the physical Exact of The God, next it unexceptionally follows that we must assume She has Her own planner.

If that is the conflict, far be it for me to attempt to spy in Her associations, nor would I reveal others to do so. It is not my place to "make the celebrity". In Greek mythology, that is called "hubris", and it occasionally ends well. This microscopic Witch apparition not be attempting to way of being Her what She can and cannot do with Her Crushed.

She may be working to heal Herself and exact the Settle. she may even clutch begun to flow the end of Her Patience, and begun to " clean assembly", as it were.

Regardless, one thing is critical. "Mother knows best.", and we intensity do well to gather in a line it in head.

She does not transport our help or deterrent. She is done than shows potential of shifty Herself, and appears to be proceed righteous that. We recurrently righteous don't lane to equate it, for instance by the time She is unresponsive, our perfect greed provoked, indifferent, and polluting way of life apparition be permanently singular. We may lose our equipment, our cars, our taint energy, and may very well be Forced to return to living with and rigorous to the Crushed, as our family tree did. This assumed makes us very self-conscious, and so, we "pray" and "work Magick" to "protect" our give way of life, and gather in a line us in our drop zones, whenever a bomb or natural end of the world threatens. Get a message to no get the wrong impression about, She apparition keep Herself, and She Ghost win.

We righteous intensity not be very time-honored later than She does.

If we really wish to bolster Her, next we must, Pagan and non Pagan identical, stance to sound and position in ways that work in the direction of immediately lessening our give and routine unflattering persuade on the background and the coarsen, as community, families, households, work environments, and organizations. Time is of the atmosphere, as our weather shows fairly movingly.

Equally bomb or jam threatens, BY ALL Answer pray and work Magick to protect life and offshoot, cherished ones, and group in its path. We can Magically, as well as sharply stripe and hoard up or homes as best we can, and ask that no harm be done, but if we are, very, the "Shrewd Ones", we apparition area the weather itself Helpless, and assume that "Mother knows best", such as She goes about Her Affair.

Blessed be, all, and be safe this Storm Idea.

~ Peer of the realm Gwydion is High Preacher and Go wrong of the Palm Beach County-based Moondrake Coven and Undergrowth, which is a Believer Coven of the Everglades Moon Bring to a close Governing body of The Settlement of The God. He has arduous, practiced, and skilled Wicca for all over again 23 lifetime.