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Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Moonstone is a very smooth stone which can score cleanly, so be devoted when you are practice it. As its name suggests, Moonstone has a strong and sacred enter with the Moon so when studying its assumed role, it would be precious to study the energies of the Moon. Introduce is a strong, female energy in Moonstone which promotes the use of sensation and ambiance moderately than instructor process. Moonstone has a goddess energy and mothering part and is partner with new babyhood and burly thin-skinned healing. It calms emotions and enhances sensation and psychic abililites.

Moonstone can be found in Brazil, the European Alps, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and parts of the Connected States. In India today, as in assorted other spaces, it is still calculated a sacred stone. In India it was alleged that Moonstone grew under the sunlight of the Moon and pensive its mystical assumed role. Romans alleged it had the power to supply love,wealth, and wisdom. Hearsay says that Moonstone is a importantly valuable gift for lovers for it arouses velvety passions.

This is a very powerful and strong gemstone and can be hand-me-down for assorted purposes. If you call for to use Moonstone as part of your meditations, you can either sit and grab it in your set off (NON-DOMINANT) hand or, if you are disloyalty down, place it on the essence, solar plexis, or the third eye.

Hip the dying phase of the Moon, place your Moonstone on the windowsill. The sunlight of the Moon order recharge it and regulate its energies to the bald tides. Still, Moonstone is at its utmost powerful hip the full moon. Organize the Moonstone in a crystal, dialogue box, or earthen basin. Add some form water. Organize the basin outdoors under the full moon. Hallucination the moon's sunlight jovial the basin with energy. Store the water to use in healing rituals, for cleansing stones, decontamination, and other Moon Magick. Organize under your shield for a kind daydream.

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